Who Do You Think Would Make A Good Blogger?

Ready for a news flash?  Not everyone with an internet connection has their own blog!

I’ll wait quietly while you recover from the shock. 

The funny thing is that there are people in my life that I’m secretly convinced would make a smashing success out of blogging.  Like a friend of mine who lives off the grid.  She and her husband have a self-sufficient farm, complete with various farm animals. They have one daughter who is two years old and they all share a four room cabin.  No electricity.  But they do run a generator every other night to wash dishes and take showers. 

Now granted, it would be a little difficult to blog without a computer or electricity, but I would sign up for her feed in an instant, if for no other reason than to find out how they survive without downloading podcasts.

Another elderly gentleman in my church is a true renaissance man.  He paints. He gardens.  He writes poetry.  He sings the most wonderful deep baritone.  He has never even set his rear end in front of a computer, but he has so much wisdom to share.  Geez, he could send his updates by carrier pigeon, and I would be happy to read them!

bwc_chicletAnd there are millions more people out there with incredible stories  and no way to share them.  I’m bringing this up now because I’m getting ready to help lead another session of the Blog Writing Course.  If you know someone who you think has a story to tell, or just a great way with words, why not send them my way.  Tell them to sign up for this great introduction to blogging, where you are learning right alongside a supportive group of peers who are starting out just like you. 

This ain’t your momma’s writing course.  Not with Topsy at the helm.  This is full-on fun.  So tell your non-blogging friends to get their butts over to the site and sign up!  Everybody’s got a story to tell. 



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  1. I didn’t know that was your course, I’ve run across it on the internet a few time. What an awesome idea!

  2. Oh! That’s terrific!

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