The i’S Have It!

So we did it.  Uber and I went halfsies on the iPod Touch. 

It is SO cool.  At least that is what I hear.

There are HUNDREDS of way cool applications to download.  At least that is what I hear.

You can stream music from the web, drink virtual beer, play Yahtzee, and find the nearest bathroom from wherever you are.  At least that is what I hear.

I have held that cute little thing in my hands for a grand total of about 30 minutes in the last four days.  It looks very cool.  That much I can say for a fact.

I fear that I have made a dire mistake.  Or perhaps Uber just needs a refresher lesson on fractions??

006 This is Uber at 7 a.m., not even out of bed but already hoarding his half of the new gadget (well, and by proxy, my half as well)


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  1. I’m thinking you might have save up some more money and get your own. I can’t imagine sharing mine. Yep, typing on it right now…

  2. As I was a promoter of the iTouch, Uber may feel free to send me a thank you note whenever most convenient, I can not admit that I had my doubts about how much time your “half” would actually entail. Perhaps your half includes sleeping, cooking and cleaning hours?

  3. Wait until he’s asleep….

  4. It looks like you may have to make a “sharing schedule.” My sister and I used to have one because my parents insisted on only buying one of everything even though there was obviously two of us, LOL.

    Good Luck!

  5. Now that I have seen this blog post, I realize my mistake —
    wait, hold on a moment. I’m getting a Skype call through the thing. She may or may not get any time with it in the next two hours.

    • Karen – Not unless some very good blogging buddies want to start a fundraiser? Eh? Geez, you can hear crickets in here!

      Obi-Mom – I’m sure it will be on its way to you via the ipod Touch email application any day now

      Laura – That’s the best idea I’ve heard all week!!

      Mom1 – I think Uber and I were both absent that day in kindergarten

      Uber – Oh, you’ve got to conk out sometime my techie young man!!

  6. […] netbook for Christmas – – ahem, should I say his second netbook – – he had no need to share the iPod Touch with me anymore, so it finally became mine – – all […]

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