Moms Are Weird

Poor Uber has been up since 3 a.m. with a stomach bug of some sort.  He feels like crud on a stick.  He can’t eat even two bites of a piece of bread, can’t sit up, and doesn’t feel like watching tv.  He’s just too sick.HPIM2455

So, the question is…why am I the one sitting in my pajamas after  lunch, watching old episodes of House M.D., and eating peanut butter right out of the jar.  I feel perfectly fine.

Why is Uber’s illness my excuse to take it easy today when there are still clothes to be folded, lesson plans to be finished, and clutter from one end of the house to the other?

I don’t know.

Moms are weird.


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  1. You have a chance for a break. Embrace it.

  2. I must echo hjdong. We moms take the breaks we can. Enjoy that peanut butter, those reruns and recharge. I hope Uber is feeling better soon. Any chance you’re getting to play with the iTouch now that he’s temporarily out of commission? 🙂

    • And catch Uber’s iPod germs??? No way! He can have both halves of the bacteria-ridden thing!

  3. I must be the weird one in this group . . . when Baby Boy is sick . . . I totally disinfect EVERYTHING.

    BUT. . . I’m one of those people who cleans when I’m depressed or stressed. Anything out of the ordinary sends me into a cleaning fit. Mom #2 always used to say that she could tell if I’d had a good or bad day when she came home from work by whether or not she could see herself in the kitchen floor, LOL.

    Strange. But. True. 😉

  4. Funny, I was just thinking recently, with a tinge of guilt, about how I was secretly just the slightest bit glad when the kids were sick in bed all day and I could chill.

  5. Aw, poor uber! Hopefully he feels better soon ( and here’s hoping he doesn’t share the plague with you!)

    When Cody’s that sick, he doesn’t want me to leave his side. He doesn’t necessarily want to have me talk to him or touch him, either, he just wants me there “in case”.

  6. I meant after you’d disinfected the thing, of course.

  7. My kids suck me into watching tv all the time. But afterall, if he’s sick, you’re just keeping him company and making sure he has everything! So really, you’re being a very good, attentive mom. Way to go!

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