Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Over the Moon!

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I know that it has been a while since I have visited the Hardwired Hints territory, so you know it had to be something good to bring this puppy out of temporary retirement…

Our subject this week is The Final Frontier.  Yep, that’s right. Outer space.  And instead of a passel of links, this time I’m going to direct you to only one – – cause this one is a doozy!

Microsoft isn’t always known for its incredible educational software.  Lately, that has been all Google’s domicile.  And granted, Google Earth, in particular, has got some incredible things going on over there for students.

But once in a while, Microsoft finds it’s inner “apple” and takes a bite…a BIG one.  And that is exactly what they have done with the new program: Worldwide Telescope.  After playing around with this software for a few days now, I’m thinking of sending my next paycheck to the local planetarium, because those places are going to be basically just echo chambers after the general public gets hold of this.241

Besides being one of most incredible virtual telescopes I’ve ever  come across, this program has so MUCH to offer the home educator.  Why wait for someone to organize a planetarium field trip, when you can have, well, Wall-E give you a personal guided tour of the universe. 

Of course, as informed as Wall-E is about the realms beyond, Worldwide Telescope also contains multiple guided tours of the sky from astronomers and educators from some of the best planetariums in the world.  And if you ever get tired of that (don’t count on it), then you can just take off and explore the universe hands on – – by panning, zooming, and exploring every corner of the Milky Way. 

Want to know something else?  This is just the shadow on the corner on the edge of the tip of the iceberg of what there is to this program.  Prepare to be impressed as you now actually CAN go where no man has gone before.

Take your time…we’ll still be here when you get back!!!

Link for Worldwide Telescope



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  1. This comes just at the right time. We *finally* finished life science and are on to earth and space and beyond. ot that it would really matter, because James is in an all things space mode. Just don’t tell him it’s educational.

  2. Oh, I’m going to hook the laptop up to the television and show this to the boys. Thanks! 🙂

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