Are You Ready For A Carnival?

carnivalSo next week is the big week!  Topsy-Techie is hosting the Carnival  of Homeschooling blog carnival!!  So, I want YOU, my regular readers who are homeschoolers, to get in on the action.

It is time to check your annals, and find one of your favorite posts about anything related to homeschooling.  Dig deep, if you have to, but find one that you think shows off who you are as a homeschooling family, or shows off who you are as a blogger. 

Then, sometime in the coming week, (starting tomorrow) send in your submission, so I can be sure to include you in the fun.  All the visitors to my blog next week deserve to know what incredible blog buddies I have around here in Topsy-Techieland. 

Can I help it if I want to show you off in public???

Check out this site for full instructions on where to send your submissions.  Starting tomorrow, you have until 6:00 p.m next Monday to submit your posts.  (Preferably before 6:00 p.m. next Monday if you cherish the remaining dribbles of my sanity!)

Can’t wait to see what you will send…


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  1. Topsy – I LOVE the new banner on your site. But your desk is so neat. And so healthy? What’s with the two apples. Everyone knows that writers, especially geeky ones, only eat highly processed food.

    My desk, for instance, has several awards on it (given to my father decades ago), a collection bills and banks statements in a pile, one license plate, two CDs (one of an MRI of my lower back), a digital camera with 4 different USB cameras that don’t fit in it, and some coins from foreign countries. Plus some jokers from different playing cards.

    • John – Ok, so now you’ve created a meme I think. “What is on your desk right now?” 🙂
      Granted, the new header is way too kind. There is ALWAYS a partially finished bowl of cereal on there somewhere, several USB cords, loose change, a half dozen paper clips, some manual that I keep meaning to read about how to do this and that with my printer, and some chapstick that is probably eight years old.

  2. oh, oh, I’ll play! Sounds like fun to be in a carnival at your place. 🙂

    And I agree–love your look here. Nice job.

  3. Just found your blog thanks to an e-mail from Time4Learning. It’s great here! I will be back. I’m a techie grandma homeschooler with a blog. I just submitted a page for your carnival. Hope I did it right. Sounds like fun. My little-techie is going to pass me up soon. He already has in some ways, and he’s only 8!

    I’m not telling what’s on my desk! It would take too long.

    • Welcome Velma!! Please drop by anytime and share some of your own “mad techie skills”! I’ll drop by your blog ASAP!

  4. If we are submitting a blog post with pictures, it is best to use the Permalink URL feature instead of emailing the post with all the pictures? Thanks!

  5. I’ll bite! What’s on my desk…. well, actually, I have a laptop I keep on a side table in the family room and my ‘desk’ consists of my lap, the top and inside of an ottoman, and part of the top of the side table. This is what I see – 3 sets of earphones, four cassettes of various things, a Bible, a flash drive, part of the Sunday paper, piles of receipts (working on business taxes), an iPod, some Christmas-y address labels, a stapler and some TV/DVD remotes. And some valentines. Looking forward to digging into your site…after I clean up a bit.

    • Thanks for dropping in Dana! I loved hearing your desk description. Always makes me feel better when someone’s desk domain sounds even more cluttered than my own! 😉

  6. Oh crap! I’m too late. See what happens when I get behind? I miss out on all the fun at your place… 😦

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