Attention – – We Have A Jailbreak!

There are some terrific upsides to having an Uber-techie son.  I need something Photoshopped?  He’s on it.  Problem uninstalling a program?  He’s got the shortcut key to fix it.  Forget how to unstick my sticky keys?  It’s all in that beautiful brain of his.

But then, there are the downsides.  Like his desire to fix things that aren’t really broke just to make them a little bit better. 

Case in point?  Our cute little new gadget  – – the iPod Touch.  It does all the neat things it is supposed to do.  It surfs.  It tells you the weather.  It let’s you download cool games like Yahtzee.  In my humble opinion, it is absolutely perfect just the way it is.

Not the way Uber sees it.  In his mind, it won’t be perfect until it is completely customizable, able to have endless add-ons, and be completely controlled.  This is called: Jailbreaking your iPod.  Isn’t that cute?

So just when I was getting to know my shiny new little friend, he turned into a gangsta on the run.  His backgrounds are all edgy, his apps all look kind of sinister, and he has tattoos masquerading as screen savers.  It’s kind of creeping me out, to be honest.  This isn’t the iPod I signed up for. 

Uber assures me it is perfectly safe and legit.  I’m thinking if that were really the case they would have called it something like “Releasing Karmic Energy” rather than “jailbreaking.”

I’m trying to convince him to send my half back to jail.  He’s not buying. I think he’s scared that my half would squeal under the bright lights. 

ipod touch 2



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  1. That sounds just like Mom #2. She doesn’t enjoy anything the way it comes out of the box. She has to JAZZ it up until it’s unrecognizable. I think that’s her way of just TAKING EVERYTHING because I usually just walk away from toys taht are too complicated, LOL.

  2. I would never jailbreak my iPod Touch. It’s not legit and it voids your warranty. I just couldn’t do it.

  3. I have had to look at rue 21 wallpaper on our laptop for ages. Just got changed to Relient K (band) wallpaper!

  4. “I’m thinking if that were really the case they would have called it something like ‘Releasing Karmic Energy’ rather than ‘jailbreaking.'”


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