Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Online Curriculum Choices

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I’m a member of several homeschool Yahoo groups, and someone posted a question today that really surprised me.  Her daughter was obsessed with the computer, and she was wondering whether there were any homeschool curricula out there that were computer based.  After reading the question, I did one of those classic Scooby-Doo double takes.   Say raht??

I tend to forget that not everyone is already aware of the great online options homeschoolers have for learning.  So I’m dedicating today’s Friday’s HHH post to those out there who just might be looking for some more info on online homeschool curriculum.

One of the curricula that I have consistently been bowled over by is Time4Learning.  This is an online multimedia program for grades Pre-K through 8.  With T4L, the lesson planning is all taken care of, and the record-keeping is done for you, so you can concentrate on simply supporting your child’s love of learning.  I’ll never forget the first day we started using the curriculum and I heard my son guffawing from the bedroom.  His language arts lesson actually had him in stitches!  This is my son’s third year with the program, and I am still every bit as impressed.  The American History course he is taking this year is the most comprehensive and interactive romp through history I have ever encountered!  Check out my Time4Learning page for more about the experiences we have had with this outstanding (and affordable) curriculum.

Our oldest son also has had really positive experiences with online homeschooling.  He is currently enrolled in a private online school called Wilostar 3D Academy.  The idea behind this accredited program is that you attend your classes via an avatar who interacts for you.  The highlight of the curriculum is the collaborative aspect of it.  Classmates work together to create 3D projects based on the subjects they are studying.  Conferences are held daily to bring the students together to discuss what they are learning, as well.  This is the perfect school option for my homeschooled social butterfly who thinks this is definitely the next best thing to hanging out in the halls with his “buds.”

These are the two online programs that I have the most personal experience with, but there are plenty of other choices for online learning as well.  Check out some of the below options for technology-based home education:



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  1. I’ve thought about this as a supplement. I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger though. James needs more independent proficiency on the computer I think. I have visions of us both trapped to his lesson. Ugh. It’s more for math, which I’m never really satisified I have nailed.

  2. Good article! I tweeted it. 😉

    • Holly – The math really is excellent. My son’s test scores have gone up by around 25% in the last three years since we started with T4L.

      Karen – Thanks for the tweet! Wish I could return the favor, but sadly, as you know, I have turned in my chirper, at least for now.

  3. I’ve been thinking about trying Time4Writing with Baby Boy . . . but I haven’t heard enough about it. Writing is a serious struggling point here . . . I’m only somewhat good with blog writing. Nothing else.

    • Mom1 – H-T took the Mechanics course through T4W, and I thought it was pretty good. He loved getting feedback on his writing from someone other than Mom for once!

  4. Wow. I thought I knew about online curriculum but you’ve just expanded my options exponentially! Great post. Thanks so much. : )

  5. We had a negative experience with Sevenstar Academy. The instructor we were assigned was very negative and was never available for help. I would not recommend this online format unless your child is VERY independent and can teach him/herself.

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