Homeschool PE – – Shall we ski or go running in the mountains today?

It’s been cold, dreary, and rainy this week, so our physical activity has been limited.  Our choices have whittled down to ski jumping, running through the mountains, hula hooping, or fishing. 

Well, at least those are the Wii game discs I can locate at the current moment. 

Yes, we have been reduced to virtual phys ed.  Our goal is to do some kind of physical activity each day, so when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate, technology comes to the rescue!  My only worry is that for all I know, any muscle we build may be virtual as well.  But since the most we generally lift around here is about…well, whatever weight a mouse might be…I’m guessing virtual muscle will fare us just fine. 

The boys tend to view their Wii Fit “class” as something to taunt their public schooled friends about. 

“So, dude, what’d you guys do for PE today?  Dodgeball?  Oh,  wow.  Bummer.   Me?  Oh.  Well, I don’t like to brag, but lets just say that with all this boxing practice I’ve been getting lately, I wouldn’t pick a fight with me right now if I were you.” 

Granted, most kids suffering through the sweaty stench of  locker rooms and the humiliation of being picked last for the half-court basketball game would probably give their gym socks for a chance to take PE via the Wii.  After all, Mii’s don’t usually call you nasty names when you miss a catch.  Or give you wedgies as you wait to shower.  And where else can you start out PE class fishing by the lake and finish up with a nine hole round of golf? 

Now before you get your wagging finger too exhausted, please know that we fully understand our bodies need the real deal – – actual outdoor moving and grooving.  But… when that isn’t possible, knowing that those little armless cuties are always ready to go nine innings with us is quite a consolation.



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  1. So glad to hear that you were Hula Hooping today. Me too ;D


  2. Since getting the Wii Fit we have all been getting a lot more exercise than we normally would during the winter months. As long as your body is in motion, who cares if it has a remote in its hand!

  3. I have to admit, virtual PE is fun. We indulge in it around here too. 😉

  4. We do Wii phys ed too…. and after unlocking 3 new yoga poses yesterday followed by HSM dance game…. I had to beg someone to help my tired old self up this morning…. MUCH better than dodge ball LOL Who thought that one up anyway? Some angry dude….

  5. Great info. I never thought of using the WII for PE.

    • Philip – That’s probably because you were taught that exercise involved fresh air and possibly a ball of some sort. I’m just doing my part to dispel all those cute antiquated notions. 😉

  6. Homeschooling – Glad to hear about the Homeschool PE. As long as your body is in motion, who cares if it has a remote in its hand!. I agree with Melissa on this issue.

  7. Thank you, I will try to use Wii sport and Wii Fit this year for PE since is too cold in New England.

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