When Even A Meme Is Too Much…

I’m experiencing severe blog guilt today.  I’ve neglected my poor little Topsy-Techie blog for the past several days, and of course you lovely folks by proxy.  My schedule has been overwhelming for the last week.  The blog course I’m leading has eighteen students!!  For a mom who can sometimes get deluged homeschooling two, this has been quite a wake-up call!!  I thought about creating a fun meme to fill space, but couldn’t even get to that.  So tonight, I’m just leaving you with a cartoon.  Just to assuage the bloggy guilt.



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  1. How *dare* you have a life outside your little bloggy world! Don’t you know that we, your stalkers, spend our days pining for you and waiting for the next installment in Topsy-Techie land??

    How’s that for guilt? Told you I’d get you back for getting that stupid STYX song in my head! *snort*

    • FM – STYX guilt assuaged. Are we even, or are you going to drop some status update with Prince lyrics on me??!!

  2. We can wait…it’s always worth it. I’m expecting at least one good story to come out of your blog course.

  3. *impatiently waits*

    • Kaish –
      Whew..glad I didn’t keep you waiting long! I could hear those fingers tapping all the way over here!

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