Commemorative Stamps For A Childhood Passed

As of tomorrow morning at 5:43 a.m., my baby will be a teenager.  I’m not sure exactly all the emotions that a mother is supposed to feel at this moment, but whatever they are, I’ve been feeling all of them.


I feel so sad about losing the cuddlebug who used to twirl my hair in his fingers to be able to go off to sleep.  Who sucked his little toes like they were covered in brown sugar.  Who laughed at the tiniest things like they were the biggest joke he’d ever heard.


I feel happy for all the incredible childhood memories I have of him digging in the backyard for dinosaurs, dressing up as whatever ninja, knight, or superhero had his current fancy, climbing trees, playing with his dogs, and building legos like his life depended on it.

teenpicI feel proud of the young man he is becoming who cares about everyone around him, keeps his family in stitches, adores the outdoors, is passionate about science, and still occasionally finds it not totally uncool to cuddle with mom for a few minutes.

My baby is turning 13.  And that is simply worth commemorating today.


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  1. OK, now I’m teary-eyed too. What a great kid you have. And what a blessed guy he is to have a mom who loves him so much.

  2. Awww… great blog. It is hard to watch them grow (I have four, the oldest is about to turn 16), but grow they must. This is why I tell all new moms to really embrace those middle-of-the-night snugfests, because they go away too quickly.

    Congratulations on what sounds like a great little man!

  3. Thirteen has been a joy (for the most part, snicker) and I hope you enjoy each and every day of it.

  4. My baby’s still only 4, and I have so many of these same feelings!
    Each time he does something truly ‘him,’ from thanking a store clerk who gives him a lollipop by saying “now I’m the richest kid ever!” to telling me, when he is angry, “I will take your dishwasher away!”, I try to remember how fleeting time is, how important it is to remember these little moments.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

  5. Oh, happy birthday to your son and I’ll have an extra margarita for you.

    I cried up a storm when Baby Boy turned 13 . . . and 14 . . . and 15 . . . and probably will again in a few months when he turns 16. It’s all bittersweet from here on out, I guess.

    But he sounds like a fantastic son, and he’s so lucky to have you for his Mom!

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  7. […] topsytechie I swear it seems like just a couple months ago that I was bemoaning my youngest sons entrance into official teenage-dom. And yet, yesterday was H-T’s 14th birthday!!  How does that […]

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