It Smells Like Boy Around Here

The testosterone fairy has been here again.  He has absolutely no compassion in that winged little body of his, because he forgets that aside from the black lab, we have only one female representing around here.  It’s lonely at the boys club sometimes.

Anyway, the testosterone fairy feels the need to remind my guys in their sleep that clothing strewn around on the floor is much more manly than in the hamper.  And that it is perfectly ok to make whatever bodily noises and smells you feel like as long as no one gets hurt. 

He convinces my hubby that the more revolting the joke, the more opportune it is for the dinner table.  And if ANY of my guys forget, the testosterone fairy makes sure that the milk jug gets put back in the refrigerator completely empty.  Every time.

testosterone fairyThanks to the testosterone fairy, the toilet paper holder  is perpetually empty, there is shaving cream decorating every part of the bathroom sink, the laundry room smells like a marine latrine, and we are ALWAYS out of potato chips!!!

Even more significantly, the he-fairy felt it apropos to convince my youngest son that he should ask for an air rifle for his 13th birthday.  And if that weren’t enough, he whispered in the ear of one of our close friends that a hydrogen-powered rocket would be another perfect gift.

So here I am, the lone voice of reason, in a house full of stinky, sloppy, greasy-fingered boys armed with air rifles and hydrogen rockets.  Anyone know the number of a good testosterone fairy exorcist?


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  1. that hydrogen powered rocket looks awesome… I’d have no problem in the boys club, sorry, I may be feminine in responsibilities and looks but my intrests and actions… I’m a total tomboy 🙂

  2. So, what’s your point? Did I miss something? That sounds an awful lot like my house. 😉

  3. Mine are only 8 and 4, and we’re already there! Well, except the air rifles and hydrogen bombs are still imaginary…

  4. Is an air rife like a bb gun? Doesn’t he know he could put his eye out? Best Christmas movie ever.

  5. Mine are 6, 9 and 37. I feel your pain, I really do. Socks, emptying trash, I could go on and on and on. Oh, even one of our two cats is a male. So outnumbered…

    • abba – granted, even I have a little boy-envy over the rocket….

      Obi-Mom – misery loves company, eh?

      KarenK (got to keep you two separated somehow) – Ah yes, the imaginary rockets and guns. How soon the years do fly…

      Holly – That’s exactly what we reminded him of when he asked!

      Karen – The socks! I forgot the dirty socks! The fairy makes them multiply by the hundreds whenever I sit down to watch one of my programs. I swear!

  6. Just gotta love that ole fairy! AND thanks for the laugh!

    • Sister – No prob. I’m glad my topsy-techie zany-ness was good for a giggle!! Come back by anytime!

  7. I so get this. Sadly.
    My youngest son is still at home and is 21. He and my husband gang up on me regularly. I make comments about it and they tell me I would miss it if they were gone. They’ve been gone most of the week and I’ve missed them but not the testosterone. They are a package deal though, aren’t they?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Hope! I’ll admit that the thought of all that testosterone hanging around for another 10 years gave me a slight case of the hives. I’m sure I’ll recover quickly, however. 😉

  8. My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  9. Too, too funny. I think we are peas in a pod. We should definitely compare notes! My youngest (age 3) today was wielding his private part while he was peeing as if it were a gun, all the while making shooting noises. I promptly ran into my bathroom to spray myself with something flowery to remind myself that I am a girl because I found myself using the whole gun analogy to explain to him how to aim for the toilet. Oh please send help!!!!

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