Looking For The Emergency “Off” Button

Yet another busy week is passing by, and I am looking around wondering if the guy who controls this merry-go-round might have stepped out for a smoke.

This past weekend I attended a youth conference with some of the youth from my church, including Uber.  After two nights, three days, and one lost hour of daylight savings with around 80 teenagers, I’m a bit coughed up and spit out.  Hubby seems, wisely, to be mostly steering clear of me until I have completely recuperated.

I’m also in week four of the Blog Writing Course.  We even added another student this week, so I’m trying to corral around 20 newbie bloggers now.  And the diversity of their themes fascinates me to no end.

We’ve got mom bloggers, homeschool bloggers, self-improvement bloggers, travel bloggers, educational bloggers, business bloggers, and one gentleman who is blogging about the ethics of drinking in America. 

Multifarious much, eh?carousel

So all this busyness has continued to keep me away from Topsy-Techieland for far longer than I like. But the good news is that the  next two weeks are spring break for the Topsies!!  I’ve kindly requested that the merry-go-round be closed for repairs, so that we can get some much needed waterfall-visiting time in (ok, and maybe a smidge of yard work as well). 

Pictures of our hikes to follow.

Stay tuned…


4 Responses

  1. If you find that emergency off button, will you kindly forward it to me?

  2. Looking forward to the photos. Take some of doing yard work, too! Bet they’ll be fun to look at.

  3. I think he’s out for a smoke *and* a drink or two. And tell your hubby to bring you chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better 😉

    Have fun on spring break!

    • Karen – I found it and – – should have known – – it says you have to type in the word as it appears – – I’m TERRIBLE at those things!!! Hope you have better luck!

      Laura – Oh you mean the one where I’m drinking lemonade and looking at my trowel? Yep, priceless!

      FM – The chocolate has been purchased, and after two shots of dark chocolate truffle, I really am feeling much better

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