Mutually Exclusive

So last week I penned about the paradox of having two techie teens who don’t necessarily always fit nicely into a stereotypical box.  But wait – – there’s more!

Not only are the boys paradoxical within themselves, they also are so radically different from each other that I often wonder not only if they come from the same gene pool, but perhaps from the same species!

Case in point:



Laid back and easygoing

Hyper and always moving
Thoughtful and cautious Lives for the moment
Social butterfly Bit of a loner
Wants to blend into the background Always the performer
An old soul Forever a kid at heart
Wants to change the world Wants to change the channel
The devil is in the details Can never see the forest for all the trees
Lover of words and pictures Lover of science and imagination
A thinker A doer
Vegetarian and pacifist Happiest when fishing or shooting his air rifle

I’ve often thought that these two young men needed two complete sets of parents to figure out how to yo-yo back and forth between their particular personalities and differences.  Add a couple of disabilities to the mix, and you’ve got a smorgasbord of potential screw-ups in the parenting department.

I’ve made the sad mistake of trying to parent them the same, and I’ve made a similar mistake of trying to treat them as individual entities.  The truth is, they are individuals, but they also share a heck of a lot – – same parents, same house, and because we have always homeschooled – – many of the same experiences.  So the balancing act comes of understanding that they are forever intertwined, but still are always trying to find themselves. 

Heck, I’m an only child, and I’m still trying to figure out who I am.

Think it will all come out in the wash??

Thinker vs Doer


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8 Responses

  1. I’m like Uber. PL is like H-T. There are many days I just don’t know how he ended up in my world.

  2. Haha, and they appear to be contradictory in their own personalities along with that! I don’t know too many loners who like to be the center of attention 😀

    Don’t forget the fun of it though 🙂

  3. You’ll figure it out some day. If you don’t, just ask your mother

  4. Even when they are teeny, it is hard to remember that they are all wired differently. One thing mine all have in common — high maintenance! lol…

  5. It’s amazing how different kids are one from another, isn’t it? I did a post recently about what I call the Tigger-Eeyore energy-level spectrum, because I have one boy that’s insane 24/7, and the other one is content to sit and read for many hours. How did these two both come from the same genes?

    P.S. I’m honored to be in your blog roll – thanks!

  6. Oh, we *have* to get our boys together! If you were to mash those two lists together, you’d get Cody. Seriously. He is all of those things (depending on the day!) Which makes it a bit like living with Cybil (only without all of those pesky names to remember 😉

  7. A+ to you, Kerry. You are a caring, loving, devoted mother to the core. Your boys are VERY blessed!!!

  8. Obi-Mom – genes are just weird, aren’t they??!!

    Abba – They are contradictory sometimes! The littlest things embarrass H-T, and yet he always finds a way to be on display. But YES, they are very, very fun!

    Elizabeth – LOL

    Katie – I think high maintenance is a given, eh?

    SAT – I LOVED that post! I think mine would be maybe Rabbit and Owl! Oh, and you complement my blogroll perfectly, by the way! 😉

    FM – How is that even possible?? Glad you only have the one, then…

    Holley – What would I do without your encouragment? No, really…what?!

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