I’m Not Wired Well For Sad

When my blog gets quiet, you can know I’m either busy, on vacation, or very, very sad.  Unfortunately this week, it is the latter. 

On Tuesday, a high school classmate of mine died during childbirth with her fifth child.  She was 39.  A devoted homeschooling mom.  That leaves her husband with four children and a brand new infant.  The word “grief”  just doesn’t cover circumstances like that. 

If you’re the praying type, I hope you wouldn’t mind lifting up this family.  If you aren’t the praying type, I hope you’ll hug your own family close and remind them how much you love them tonight. 

As for me, I hope my blog will be on fire next week.  I’m not wired well for sad.


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  1. I’m so very sorry. We had a similar situation around here a couple of years ago and it shook me to the core. Know that I’m thinking of you that family and yours.

  2. Oh, how awful… you, and your friend and her family, are in our thoughts.

  3. There just are no words. It is so hard to get your mind to understand this sort of thing. The blow to the family it beyond belief. I am so sorry. Those are the only words I can find, they are so inadequate.

  4. My condolences, Topsy, for you and your friend’s family.

  5. I’m not wired for grief either – no words. Huge empathy and heart felt prayers.

  6. My thoughts are certainly with them… I wonder if I know them…

  7. That’s awful, the poor husband… My prayers are with them

  8. How truly sad! I will pray for that family and for you. It is so hard to loose someone we’ve practically grown up with. We lost a friend to cancer last year, and he had two teen aged boys. That was sad enough! I can’t imagine loosing a mom of young children. It’s sobering and it reminds us just how precious each moment is.

  9. I’m so sorry! One of my best friends from high school, along with 3 others (2 of them kids) were killed by a drunk driver a few months ago. Her tween son was the only survivor. I spent a couple of weeks looking through old photos and hugging the crap out of Mike and Cody 🙂 I’ll keep your friends family in my prayers.

  10. Thanks so much to EVERYONE for their sentiments, thoughts, prayers, and comforting words in general. I’m heading to the family visitation tonight…difficult, difficult time for them.

  11. Hello everyone, especially to topsy condolence my friend. We’re experiencing the same pain right now my cousin died last saturday due to a car accident. He just graduated this March i felt really sad when my mom told me about his death. Well everything has a purpose and life must go on.

  12. That’s a really breath-taker, i know…

    We’re praying for ya, but want to remind you there’s much to learn from stuff like this. Like what really matters, what’s memorable, what we can learn from it all…

    Some of that last one is that we carry and continue the progress and happy times forward. And those make a huge difference in those who are connected to our friend who’s moved on. Also, that pain and trials are excellent teachers of all the big stuff. And that with time, change is okay. A designed part of nature to be embraced and appreciated. I believe that’s where people like the Apostle Paul counts present sufferings as eventual blessings…

    Hang in there. Joy comes in the morning/mourning…

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