Yard-Saleous Maximus

Do you yard sale?  yard-sale

I know that isn’t technically a verb…but in my world it is not only a verb, but a DOUBLE verb.

1. Yard Saleverb – to sell used or unwanted household goods, personal items, bric-a-brac, etc., typically held in one’s garage or yard. See also: tag sale, garage sale

Using that definition, I don’t “yard sale” that often, but Friday I “yard saled” my butt off.  Got rid of tons of stuff the boys had outgrown or outlived, and stuff I was determined that if I hadn’t used in at least two years, was someone else’s problem now.  By the time I nickeled, dimed, and quartered my way through several hours, I’ll admit I didn’t have THAT much to show for my effort, but the house is significantly less cluttered, and I would have PAID the same amount I made just for that relief.

2. Yard Saleverb –to get up entirely too early on a Friday or Saturday morning, search all over the newspaper classifieds, or simply drive around randomly looking for yard sale signs to follow, and then spend the better part of a morning rifling through other people’s belongings in search of that item that is going to fill that void in your soul that you know is there but don’t like to admit.  See also: cheapskate, packrat, clutterbug

Using this definition, I’m afraid I “yard sale” enough to rival ANYONE who happens to live in a home supported in any way by cement blocks.  (That’s no insult either…our house is so old it only WISHES it had cement blocks…we’ve got old pieces of boulder holding us up!!!)

Anyway, imagine my glee when I discovered this wonderful little dilly to help this techie mom in her quest to find cheap jeans for boys who grow a quarter of an inch a week.  Introducing: Yard Sale Treasure Map, the coolest tool this side of the Mason Dixon for finding local yard sales.  It uses Craig’s List local yard sale listings and maps them for you by location and date of sale.  A white trash techie’s dream come true!

So no matter which Latin definition you technically prefer…to “yard sale” is divine!


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  1. #1 I don’t do, because I live in an area where no one ever comes. Same reason we don’t hand out Halloween candy. I donate.

    #2 I don’t do, but mean to. Maybe now I will 🙂

  2. We donate as well.

  3. Craigslist seems to be a sort of virtual yard-sale, especially lately! My mom has found wonderful deals on furniture on there. We’ve cleaned out stuff of our own by advertising it on our local site, as well. If you need to get rid of clutter and don’t live in a heavily populated area, it’s a great way to find new homes for your things.

  4. WHOA! we just had a neighborhood yardsale last weekend-icus…

    Sold a bed, a bike and a ton of DVD’s. Nothing in between. Weird…

    And still a big fan-o-yours! Have a great week!

  5. We end up doing a lot of “Freecycling” which has similar connotations, only with no cash involved. I gave up on holding garage sales because we live in the middle of nowhere and only get 2 visitors and gave up going to garage sales because out here it’s all old farm equipment.
    I’m a thrift store junkie though. We have some fabulous ones around here where we stock up on clothing and household goods. It’s like a garage sale indoors that takes debit cards! What could be more fabulous than that?!?

  6. Oh, how cool – I clicked on the yard sale treasure map link and it brought up a map of my town, like, right away! This kind of thing amazes me… but I am The Stone Age Techie, after all 🙂

    This is going to be a fun, fun tool!

  7. Holly and Home4Skool – Donation is a terrific option when you can’t yard sale. We’ve donated so many clothes to the homeless shelter my husband operates that I’m surprised the clients there haven’t just started dropping by here and doing away with the “middle man” !

    Emily – I’m only just now getting to know the wonders of Craig’s list, but I feel sure it will soon be on our “top ten” list of sites!

    MrDad – Could’ve used the bike, darn it! Why didn’t you call? 😉

    Sarah – We freecycle too when possible. Very, very cool.

    Karen – Let me know what treasures you unearth thanks to my mad techie tip! 😉

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