Less Anxiety in 30 Days Or Your Money Back

Time for sharing.

You still with me?  Ok. Good.  Cause those words often cause my husband to suddenly need to leave the room to pee or something.

Anyway, I joke on my blog from time to time about needing anti-anxiety meds in crisis, but the honest-to-God truth is that I need them to handle most everything.  I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), which basically means that whether things are going badly or peachy, I still get anxious. 

In my case, it may have a genetic component because my dad had severe anxiety, and H-T struggles with it as well.  I’ve been on an SSNRI medication on and off for the last four years to combat my symptoms.  Most of my anxiety presents itself with physical symptoms – – muscle tension and pain, heart palpitations, twitching, etc. 

I bring it up now because I’m having an especially bad bout , and have recently had to go back on my medication after a nice “long” seven month break. 

But as great as medicine is for those of us with anxiety, we are always aware that things we do that exacerbate it as well.  Things like…

  • Not exercising enough
  • Not getting outside enough – – or getting enough fresh air
  • Hyper-focusing
  • Holding in your feelings
  • Consuming caffeine or other stimulants
  • Not getting enough sleep

This is in no way an exhaustive list, but these are my biggest problem areas.  There are things you can control in life, and things you can’t.  Just as the serenity prayer says, I’m trying to figure out the difference.  But the abovementioned items are definitely things I have at least some semblance of command over.

So this week I discovered a cool FREE tool that I am hoping to use to help me track how I am doing in these areas.  It is called Joe’s Goals, and it lets you track practically ANYTHING in your life.  Bad habits you want to nix?  Track ‘em.  Short term goals you want to achieve?  Track ‘em.  Or in my case…tracking how well I’m keeping the anxiety-producers at bay.  You can even make yourself accountable to your buddies by publishing your daily outcomes on Facebook, MySpace, your blog sidebar, etc. 

Here is how the results look:


    Kerry's Personal Score Badge

    Maybe it will help me.  Maybe it won’t.  Doesn’t cost anything to find out!!

    So if you have a goal you’ve been wanting to reach, or a habit you’ve been wanting to nix, Joe’s Goals is an easy and fun techie way to keep yourself on task.  I’d love to hear about what you would track if you used a tool like “Joe’s Goals”…sound off below!



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    1. Ok, because I’m just that kind of nerd, my first reaction was “e-gad” because you’re topsy-techie (e) and you’re dealing with GAD. Could I be more strange? That said…

      I think the Joe’s Goals thing looks fantastic. What a cool widget. I may have to check that out as well. Which of your anti-anxiety activities have you listed as goals so far?

      • Obi-Mom – e-GAD. LOVE it!!! Dang, I wish I had thought of that one first! Feel like I ought to send the Amazon certificate back now…you out-titled me for sure! 😉 Per the anti-anxiety activities – – all of them right now. I may see over time that I need to drop some and add others, but the ones I listed are pretty much the ones I’m tracking right now.

    2. What a great idea and a cool tool!

      You’re not alone. I don’t know what the statistics are about GAD, but since I suffer from it as well, I can say at least that.

      Good luck. I’m going to go play with the new toys you gave me (the telescope toy from your comment and this one).

    3. Good luck with this Topsy, while I don’t have e-GAD (sorry! I HAD to use that), I do have serious anxiety issues, controlled mostly through exercise, decent food, enough sleep and no stimulants of any kind. I am a yoga instructor, which really, really helps, and I have been able to arrange my life to limit the day-to-day stress.

      Thanks for sharing, when I read that somebody like you can be open about what ails them, it makes me feel better about what ails me –

      Wishing you the best – this tool sounds cool!

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