Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Science Experiments

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I haven’t touched on a whole lot of science sites or programs in HHH so far, so today I’m being both scientifically minded AND lazy.

Yes, I said lazy, because I’m just sending you somewhere else for today’s homeschool techie goodness.  Why do all that work compiling sites when someone else has already done it for you, I always say?

So today, head over to the following post from (my all-time fave techie destination), and check out some fun sites about science experiments you can do right at home. 

Then come back here and congratulate me, because if I’m not mistaken, I’ve posted on this here blog EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK!!  What’s up with THAT?!  (Don’t get comfortable, folks)


Try Fun Science Experiments At Home With These 6 Websites |



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  1. Every day for a week! Whoo Hoo!!! Congratulations!

    I see you’re taking a break now, ;)!

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