Women and their Cycles

Think that title scared off any would-be male lurkers around Topsyland??

It shouldn’t…cause I’m not referring to those cycles.

I’m talking about blogging, of course.  I have been dead in the water this week.  Basically wishing I could take a bloggy vacation, because I have NOTHING of any interest to say this week for some reason.

Funny thing is…many of my bloggy buddies are in the same rut.  My Feed Reader is like a dead zone.  Almost NO ONE is updating right now.  One of my fave bloggers is even taking a hiatus (I’ll MISS YOU Jena!!!).

So I got to thinking you know how that when women work together, vacation together, or hang out a lot together, their cycles start to sync??  Well, maybe blogging buddies are the same way!

Maybe we all get bloggy burnout at the same time!! 

Admittedly, it’s a hoot of a theory, but an interesting one, just the same, eh? 

OR………maybe it really is that time of the month for all of us???

Ok, so maybe now I AM referring to those cycles.

Men…you still out there???  ***crickets chirping***

So sound off…why is your blog so quiet?…or if you are one of the bloggers with plenty to say this week, let us know your inspiration…PLEASE!


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  1. Well, I didn’t blog about it at the time . . . it was a great bloggy secret but all is o.k. now. My brother’s girlfriend was put on bedrest and was in serious danger of loosing her pregnancy. I mostly blog for my family, although others read it and that’s nice and fine and good. But, I just couldn’t think, barring some disaster here, that I could say anything all that interesting to them. Thankfully, next week will be her 35th week (the “we really want to get you to this point but doubt we can” week), so it all turned out magnificently. I have begun cleaning up the blog in preparation for a return, but am stalling a little, having kind of enjoyed my break.

    That was probably more than you expected. 🙂

  2. I just get lazy. I run out of creative ways to say “We’re still in the same old routine.” So I take a break, come back, say we’re all still fine . . . and it seems like new news instead of old news.

    If I were as witty and creative as you, I wouldn’t have those kinds of problems, but one can only hope.

  3. Last fall, I cut back to 2 (-ish) posts a week, which seems to be just the right amount to keep off the bloggy burnout 🙂

  4. It was my birthday today and I got thoroughly spoiled rotten by the hubby-man. Thoroughly. It was fantastico!
    Back to bloggin tomorrow…I promise!

  5. Oh dear wifey, see your title did not drive away all the guys, but actually pulled one here. I thought you were going to be writing a blog about biker chicks and their motorcycles…

  6. I’ve been directing my blogging efforts to a different website lately, trying to get it up and running. Unfortunately, I don’t multi-task well. If only I had an iPhone, I’d be a multi-tasking maven, right? Right?!?

    Yeah, Dad Windu isn’t buying it either.

  7. what a wonderful post. somewhat reminiscent of when i first had a kid, felt a need to express something and committed to journaling at least 3 pages a day. with pen and notebook, no doubt. reading through it, you’ll find a good 70% of it saying how “i have no idea what to write… here i am, again, wondering when, if ever, these words will actually be saying something… here goes another page of drivel…”

    the truth for me was, it did help. it was expression, even if simple, and i needed that. on the other side of the positive coin, it’s okay to not say anything for a season. sometimes all we need is to listen for a while, or to enjoy the quietness. the best inspiration i’ve had was never sought. it was found.

  8. Holly – I totally understand, and am so glad everything is turning out ok for your brother and girlfriend. Enjoy your break, but we will look anxiously forward to your return!

    Mom1 – If I am witty and creative, then it just means I have picked up some of your leftovers – – you farcical lady you!

    SAT – 2 posts a week sounds ideal….lately I seem to be either feast or famine.

    RuralMama – Not worried about you at all…you have been quite the prolific blogger so far!

    Obi-Mom – Let us know how it goes…I’ve almost got my new site up and going as well. Hope you let everyone in on it next week.

    Mister Dad – Absolutely! Sometimes when I least feel like writing, and force myself, that’s when I really create my favorite stuff.

  9. Although we are mostly unschool – the boys are in several group activities. They all seem to be winding down with year end activities, dinners, awards etc. With spring in the air – the laptop hasn’t been outside – I just havn’t been by the computer. I’m sort of with Mom #1. How many ways can I say – Love my family and my life?

  10. How bizarre…I’ve been going through the same thing as well…
    As have 3/4 of the blogs I follow…which are women…
    Hmmm. I think you’re on to something.

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