A Thousand Words Thursday


H-T was skipping rocks at the river yesterday, and R-T caught him in deep concentration and preparation.  (Unfortunately, not long after this pic, the concentration was shot all to heck and his new Nike sandals went floating down the river)




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  1. Whoops! Thar go the sandals!

    My kids keep trashing shoes lately as well. Is this a Spring thing? I’ve washed the Sketchers twice now, in two weeks. Grumble.

  2. That beautiful water is near your house? Yummy! If I could sit there all day long, I’d never get any work done, LOL.

    Oh, and I do buy Baby Boy those silly Wal Mart $5 water shoes for purposes just like those. That way my wallet doesn’t have to suffer for his adventurous nature, LOL.

  3. Sarah – Washed them? Imagine that.! You KNOW they will just get dirty again! 😉

    Mom1 – Water shoes…oh so THAT’s what those are for. (Snort)

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