Tickle Me Tuesday

I just needed an excuse to share this joke, which someone told me recently, so here goes…

A local news broadcaster in the Appalachian Mountains was interviewing farmers in the area prior to the election, and asking them what they thought the chances of Barak Obama being electedpig farmer were.  Most of them thought he had a fair shot, a few of them were certain of his victory, but one particular farmer was adamant in his belief that it would never happen.  "I’m telling you that if Barak Obama gets elected then pigs will fly."

A few months after the election, that reporter decided to follow up on the earlier story, and go back and interview that farmer again.  He looked down and away from the camera and shuffled his feet when the reporter asked him if he’d like to say anything about the turn of events.  "Well, there’s not much I CAN say, is there? There’s no denying it now.  Swine flu."


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  1. LOL! Funny!

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