Giving Baaaaaack

Uber had some difficult decisions to make before this summer began.  First off, he decided he wasn’t ready for Driver’s Ed, despite what his birth certificate says.  This was the summer he was supposed to take driving lessons and get behind the wheel, but amazingly, he came to the conclusion that he simply wasn’t ready for that much responsibility yet.  (No tears here)

Following that decision was the joint decision that he wouldn’t get a summer job, either.  That, too, had been the plan.  But since he wasn’t going to be motoring anytime soon, the desperate need for money subsided.

So the last decision was then…what to do with his summer??  We hadn’t signed him up for camps of any sort, and he hasn’t got any real projects going, so this was a quandry.  Until I suggested the idea of a summer of volunteering. 

Say what?

That’s right.  Spending a summer giving back to your community.  Hmmm.  Uber actually jumped on the idea, and we inquired around to different agencies and non-profits.  Finally, an interdenominational assistance ministry took him up on his offer.  They need help revamping their website (one of his specialties), volunteering and he will also be helping them in food distribution and office work.  He went in for a “job interview” and he was as nervous as if a triple figure salary was at stake.  It was too funny!

But he started this past week, and I think it is going swimmingly, so far. 

Not to be outdone, H-T is getting in on the bandwagon as well.  He is going to be offering his services at a local historic site, helping out at the goat farm one day a week.  He’s all about the giving baaaaack. 

And I’m not too proud to put my hat in the ring.  I’m busy supporting my main passion – – local farmers.  Helping out with an upcoming family farm tour that lets local residents see up close and personal what our farmers do on a daily basis.

Sounds like a recipe for summer success, don’t you think??


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  1. I think it sounds great! I get my first distribution from the CSA here today. Yeah! Fresh Greens! Double yeah!

  2. How wonderful! I hope that when my guys get to be teenagers, they will find ways to give baaaack too.

    Obi-Mom – our first pick-up is in 2 days, we can’t wait for the fresh greens 🙂

  3. Awesome job! I’m super impressed with your goals and plans.

    We tried, a few years back, to volunteer at a (then) local senior home by coming with the two girls and “socializing” with them. It was part of a program they were trying to get up and running but it mostly didn’t work out. The elderly we were visiting were not very friendly, let’s put it that way.

    Maybe we’ll try again sometime! Something different!

  4. I was just lamenting about what to do with my sudden surge of free time. . . volunteering sounds like just the ticket. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Sounds like the PERFECT plan…Kudos to the Joneses!

  6. It all sounds good except for the goats. I can’t tell you how much I hate goats.

  7. Sounds like a great summer! Now we’ll definitely have to get together and take a walk at the goat farm.

  8. Obi-Mom & SAT – – Ended up not signing up for a CSA for summer, but have been making the three local tailgate markets my home away from home. The greens are TERRIFIC around here this year!!!

    Sarah – – We’ve done several things with the elderly as the boys have grown up. Some have been successes; others not so much. Finding your volunteering “niche” can be tricky, but worth it!

    Mom1 – – You could teach cleaning lessons!! (I’d be the first to sign up!)

    Holley – – Careful…I get spoiled by too many Kudos (or is that Oreos…I can’t remember)

    Holly – – Sounds like there might be a story behind that one…do tell!

    Karen – – You bring the camera; I’ll bring the water!!

  9. There’s actually 2 stories:

    1. We had goats when I was a child. I got butted . . . a lot and had to drink goat’s milk. If that isn’t enough to make one hate goats, I don’t know what is.

    2. DH and the neighbor decided to get goats to eat the weeds. We were going to “share” but live at the neighbor’s house (see #1). There was a tragic incident involving early morning (when I’m the only one up), wild dogs, the goats, and me in my pjs running wildly (not a sight anyone should have to see). Now, there is one goat. I’m not sure why this made me like the remaining goat even less. I had actually take to liking him somewhat.

    Anyway, there’s my goat phobia.

  10. I was just telling my husband how cool it would be to take the boys to a local farm so they could see how it all works. I got to milk a cow when I was 5 and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
    Very cool thing for you to do. And I think the whole volunteer thing is a great way to spend your summer.

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