You Grab the Kids; I’ll Grab My Binder!

With my adult ADD, it isn’t often that I actually FINISH a project I start.  So when I do, I must shout it from the rooftops, no matter how inane.

Two years ago, I bought one of those recipe software programs.  You know, the ones that let you input all your personal recipes and categorize them, rate them, take pictures, etc, etc.

Cooking and baking are one of my greatest passions, so I thought it might be good for me to take all those terrific recipes from my two grandmothers, the ones I’ve clipped from magazines and newspapers, and those favorite ones I’ve created myself, and finally put them into some kind of organizational structure.recipe book

Sounds lovely…until you actually have to DO it.  So my project went  by fits and starts.  A recipe here.  A recipe there.  A few at a time during Deadliest Catch when the action got tense and I needed a brain distraction.

Then this May, for some reason, I got a second wind on the project.  I spent hours inputting and inputting all my remaining recipes, until one day I realized my stack of papers and 3X5 cards had dwindled down to nothing.  I had inputted every last one of the suckers!!

Next up: buying a new printer cartridge and letting them rip!  When the printer had exhausted itself, and the stack was complete, I had over 200 pages of my favorite concoctions, stews, and sweet nothings to show for it!!  Best thing?  The program prints out an index, categorized by name, cuisine, and category.  Oh, the glory of it all!  I took yet another day and put each page into a plastic protector sheet, and then all of those into a large three ring binder.  (After my children, it will be the first thing that makes it out in case of fire, I assure you)

And if I have some strange ingredients on hand?  I just input them into my program, and it will spit out at me all the recipes in my file that use those ingredients.  I gotta tell you – – this is a project that I am SERIOUSLY going to make use of!

Two years of work.  Check.  One spent printer cartridge.  Check.  A binder full of blood, sweat, tears, and my Nana’s pecan pie recipe?  Priceless.


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  1. sounds like you’re ready to go — how about some fresh chocolate cookies for your most dedicated readers?

  2. I have two of that kind of cookbook, one from my mom’s singing group and one from my huge, Italian extended family… you’re right, they are priceless!

  3. Wow! I’ve never even heard of that kind of software, but that sounds like a a very rewarding chore. Then, cooking is really not one of my passions. It’s more of a necessity so the natives don’t get too restless.

  4. Ooooh. I gotta know the name of that software. Do they still sell it?

    Of course it might take me AGES to get a project like that finished.

    Awesome job though! How cool is it for you to pick up that binder now and heft it’s considerable weight? Good idea on the plastic protectors too, bakers and makers are notorious spillers as well!

  5. It’s all in good clean fun!

    I linked to you today, as well as the interview and BWC.

    Yay! Thanks for the interview!

  6. why don’t you publish it

  7. Oooh – how wonderful! I have one small problem with my recipes. With the exception of baked goods (and sometimes even those), I don’t use a recipe – I just make it up as I go. But Cody has asked me to make up a recipe book of all of his favorite meals that he can take with him when he leaves home, so I guess I’ll have to figure it out.

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