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The Topsies have company!  In what is an absolutely appropriate turn of events for a tech-geek, Uber developed a relationship with one of his classmates at the virtual reality school he has attended the last couple of years.  He and she became really close over this school year and began “dating” online sometime after the holidays.

I’ve watched in awe and fascination as her name came up in conversation over and over again, and he seemed to know as much about her as if she had grown up next door to him all his life.  This online dating is an interesting thing because the constant conversations that are required to maintain it mean that the dating couple probably get to know each other far better, at least in some respects, than couples who live in the same town!

Anyway, this young lady lives approximately four states away, but her mom was willing and eager to drive the ten hour trek from her state to ours and bring her for a week-long visit so these two could finally meet in person.  And that has been the excitement of the summer for Uber and the rest of the Topsies!

Because they have never visited NC before, we have had the most wonderful time showing them around our waterfalls, small-town shops, and mountain overlooks.  As if I didn’t appreciate the beauty of our area enough, it has been incredible seeing it through the eyes of folks who usually breathe only the smoggy air of the big city. 

I find that the Topsies have a talent I was unaware of until now…tour guides, extraordinaire!  We have so much pride in our natural beauty here that I guess it just spills out of us as we lead our guests through the paces of mountain life. 

So if you are struggling to come up with your next vacation spot, I have an inside source on a personalized tour.   For the right amount of flattery, I’ll put you right at the top of the docket for the next round of official “Tours With The Topsies!!”


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  1. Awwww… that’s so sweet!

    I know when I showed my new neighbors around the Carl Sandburg site, I couldn’t contain my excitement and pride. I’d be willing to help with the tours. 😉

  2. That is really amazing! So . . . techie and grown up (if you have an almost 7 yo).

    Glad everyone had fun. Great picture.

  3. What a sweet photo. What a hip and happening Mom you must be, I’m scared to death of cyber-dating . . .but except for the occasional blog post . . .I guess I still find myself firmly planted in the dark ages, LOL.

    We may have to take you up on that tour during our next road trip.

  4. That’s so cool! I hope you’re all having a fantastic time.

  5. awwwww that’s so sweeeeeeet.

    I dated someone online for a good 14 months, and though we broke up I’ve never regretted it. The breakup wasn’t because of the online thing. In fact it was because I felt we had grown so close in the wrong way, he was more like my brother than my boyfriend! I think he came to see it the same way in the end.

    I can say though, that my fiance does not feel like my brother lol!

  6. I married my online date. So did my cousin. And my friend, and another friend….. It seems to be a wonderful way to get to know someone. You do grow together in ways that don’t happen in person. Then, when you do finally get in person, it’s like you are meeting the person you know most in the whole world. No matter what the age, love is wonderful.

  7. Karen – btw, my burgeoning nature photographer son would LOVE to go on a nature walk with you soon! He’s looked at your pics and wants to pick your brain about lots of the camera stuff.

    Holly – don’t remind me! I look at him and see this “grown-up” and it scares the bejeezus out of me sometimes

    Mom1 – trust me…scared me too at first, but the length of their connection helped me get over my initial fears, and helped me embrace the idea

    ObiMom – we are having a BLAST…can’t believe how fast it is going by though

    Abba – I totally know what you mean. I could picture these two becoming really good friends, even if their “dating” doesn’t work out

    Melissa – I hear more and more stories like yours and it puts me in awe of this whole new era of dating!

  8. Wow. I would have been so intimidated to show them around, especially after cyber-dating! You are one brave mama, I tell you!

  9. I showed PL this post and he said, “Well, that’s just awesome.”

  10. Boy, how did I miss this one?
    I love the story, and the pic 🙂

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