I Have a Permanent Grudge Against July 4th

Its bad to hate a holiday, (and although I’m not necessarily Little Mary Sunshine, I still enjoy a good celebration), but after this weekend, I’m officially putting July 4th on my Grudge List.  Stupid Independence Day.

It started out okay.  We headed to a waterfall we had never visited (which was basically at the bottom of a ravine, so we had quite a climb down and up).  It was a beautiful place, and so shaded we actually had goose bumps in the middle of an 80 degree day!  We had a picnic, sitting sideways because of the angle of the ground, and watched our resident daredevil – – H-T – – trudge through the coldest water known to man to get a closer look at the bottom of the falls.  A pretty decent start to a day.

In the evening, we went out for Chinese…there is quite possibly a law against eating Chinese on a quintessentially American holiday….so lets keep that one between us.  But it was GOOD Chinese, and the guy that checked us out said “Happy 4th” in the cutest Asian accent, and it made the whole meal even better.

Then at supper, things started to go south.  First of all, we kind of all realized we didn’t want to fight the crowds to see any formal fireworks this year.  So what to do instead?  The testosterone three came up with the idea of going to see Transformers 2.  Oh joy – – just what I’ve always wanted to do on America’s birthday – – watch cars save the world.  But I knew that my favorite theater – – the one where you can have wine and nachos with your movie – – just happened to be showing a chick flick at approximately the same time, so we made a pact to celebrate America by pouring some cash into her failing economy.

But therein lay the critical error.  As we headed out to watch sub-par movies in separate overcrowded theaters, we forgot that our two dogs were home, locked in the outside fence, with basically World War Three going on around them.  Our neighborhood was overrun this year with people shooting off illegal fireworks, and our dogs were beside themselves with terror.  I found this out when I arrived home from my movie and discovered our Terrier-mix shaking in his fur, and our other dog – our 10-year-old black lab – – missing. 

The fireworks had so panicked her that she basically dug her way out of our bolstered metal fence and pushed it to the warping point to squeeze her body through and seek some kind of shelter from the noise and commotion.  And she has never come back.  We are devastated beyond belief.  She is SUCH a part of our family, and has been a source of joy for us since H-T’s fourth birthday all those years ago. 

All this because of the 4th of July, and people who think they just HAVE to create a firestorm to have a good time.  So that’s why I now have a permanent grudge against this former day of celebration.  I’d probably even kick a picture of ole’ Uncle Sam right now. 

I just want my doggie back!!


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  1. No! You simply must find her. Did she has a collar on? Was she micro-chipped? I know you’re doing all the usual things – signs up, animal shelter & humane society called, etc. So all I’ll add is that you’re all in my heart. I hope you get her back home sooner than soon.

  2. Oh No! I’m so sorry! I hope that she is found safely and quickly.

  3. Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope you get her back soon!

    Stupid 4th.

  4. I was so hoping that you’d have found her by now. Zoe has taken off a few times, but we’ve always found her within an hour or two. I’m so, so sorry.

    BTW, Cody actually has a poster of Uncle Sam hanging on his bedroom wall. Would it make you feel any better if I kicked it for you??

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry about your dog! I’ll keep an eye out!

    As for those who insist on shooting off illegal fireworks… I agree totally.

  6. I too have a dog that is totally and completely scared stiff of fireworks of any kind, but instead of hiding he tries to attack them. So we too avoid fireworks, usually.

    This year my in-laws gave us a few (legal) fireworks and we lit them, but we also live in a very rural area where our nearest neighbors are a very large cow pasture away. I would never, ever light those things off in a urban area, it’s just plain irresponsible.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dog, Topsy, and I sure hope she turns up unharmed. Good luck.

    • A huge thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and well-wishes. We still have no sign of her, but haven’t completely lost hope yet. Maybe today will be the day! Thanks again, you wonderful bloggy buddies, you!!

  7. I’m sorry that people are stupid, but I’m even more sorry that your dog is currently missing because of it. I certainly hope today is the day your beloved dog returns…

  8. I’m still thinking of you. Wishing you good luck!

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