Summer is so…so…unstructured, isn’t it?  I guess that is a good thing, because we all need some “unstructured,” right?  But what about us ADD-types?  I’m beginning to think that there is such a thing as TOO much unstructured.

My exercising, for instance, has gone the way of the dinosaur.  During regular homeschooling months, I always fit the exercising right into part of my daily schedule.  Now, I just wait for the wind to blow my stair-stepper in my direction (so far, the winds are pretty calm here).  Oh well, I’d prefer to hike and dance and walk to the library and do more non-exercisy-type things anyway. 

I AM, however, being consistent with my No-S diet.  I’m not really weighing because I really want to concentrate more on it being a new way of eating than just a way to “lose weight.”  But my pants are already a little less snug, so I’m thinking it is having some positive side effects!

In other news, we still haven’t found our girl.  Golly I miss that black cow of a dog!  When we go to feed our other dog and see both bowls sitting there, waves of depression come over all of us.  We’re still getting the occasional call, though.  And checking the Animal Shelter about every two days.  I haven’t completely given up…but almost. (Sniff.)

My cousin won the title of “Coon Dog Day Queen.”  What do you  mean you haven’t heard of the “Coon Dog Day Queen”??!!  Well, suffice it to say that here in Redneck Central, we DO have a Coon Dog Day, where we celebrate those coon-tracking dogs that hunters are so fond of.   And that celebration is topped off by electing a Coon Dog Day Queen.  And my cousin won this year.  And she will ride on a float or some such thing tomorrow in the Coon Dog Day parade.  And yes, I will be front and center to see it.  Wouldn’t you??

In sadder news, my grandmother is passing away.  My 98-year-old Nana who in my eyes will always have the title of “Most Incredible Cook” in the entire southeast.  Let’s just say my Nana’s pecan pie could have put Paula Deen to shame.  She was just that good.  And she taught me just about everything I know in the kitchen…AND how to play bridge, to boot.  I know its almost her time, but I’ve had just about enough of goodbyes this week. 

So how’s all that for random?  I dare you to make a connection between any or all of it.  I certainly was too lazy to today.  Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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  1. I found my way here from Stone Age Techie. I have a new appreciation for Coon Dogs after watching Where the Red Fern Grows with my daughters. Congratulations to your cousin. I hope you find your dog. And I am so sorry about Nana. I guess the connection is that life is full of wins and terrible losses.

  2. I’m sorry about your grandmother. It’s hard, even when it’s time.

    And your dog. Of course.

    You threw me with the Coon Dog thing. I had to puzzle out that: 1) it was your cousin, not your dog’s, and 2) this was a good thing. So, good for her!

  3. Thanks for the updates. Good for you, sad about your dog, good for your cousin and sad about your Nana. Life. Sometimes it just pulls us along with it.

  4. Now the funny thing is that didn’t seem random to me at all!

    What on earth wave-length are we riding along on, then?

    I’m sorry about your Grammy, we have been dealing with that as well around here and it’s just really, really hard. So hugs to you, lady.

  5. I still have my gramma. I’m sorry you just lost yours. Isn’t it a wonderful magical thing to be an adult (really an adult, not just a 22 yr old kind!) and still have grands? I have both my grandparents on my mother’s side. They are young and healthy in their mid-80s. I cannot imagine life without them. They seem eternal to me. I try to prepare for when they won’t be here but I just can’t picture it. We see them about once a week when we bring some of the great-grandchildren to visit them. They have 14 great grands!

    Melissa R

  6. A lost dog is a terrible thing. I’m way too attached to ours, which I thought was impossible, because I’m still missing my previous dog (which has been gone for almost five years now). johne

  7. Susan – – leave it to my bloggy visitors to make the perfect connection that I was too lazy or crazy to see! Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

    Holly – – I said I was being RANDOM, not clear! 😉

    Laura – – Doesn’t it, though? Think I need a Life-GPS to find my way!

    Sarah – – hugs back!

    Melissa – – Believe it or not, when hubby and I got married, we had 7 grandparents in attendance! They were all like parents to us growing up, so we have been very, very blessed!

    John – the grief comes in waves…just like with our human friends…man those furry things take up residence in your heart!!

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