What do King Crabs and High Fashion High Schoolers Have in Common?

They are both – – strangely – – my television addictions of the summer. 

I’ve always had eclectic tastes in music, movies, and television, but this summer’s crop of Netflix rentals has even me asking: “What the…”

I’m a cynic.  I hate starting a show and getting involved with the characters and plots only to have a network yank the show from the air.  So I wait.

Wait to make sure the show lasts at least one season.  Wait to see if fans are as excited at the end of a season as they were at the beginning.  And summer is my time to catch up on things that have passed muster.

So this summer my two new obsessions are Deadliest Catch and Gossip Girl.  They both seem from first appearance to be shows I wouldn’t be caught dead watching.  DC is a reality show, after all, and as a rule I DETEST reality shows.  But there is just something about that dead bait and those yellow vinyl jumpsuits that just “hooks me” right in, and I can watch any and all episodes of those stinky, swearing sailors and their pots of crab. 

And Gossip Girl is basically just another teen soap opera.  Isn’t it???  Well, maybe not.  First of all, like most teen shows these days, most of the actors look like they haven’t seen their teens since Bill Clinton was in office.  And I hope to God no real teenagers manipulate, gyrate, and copulate like these do, and that even less of them have that much money to waste at their disposal.  But even with all of this, these over-sexed brats have made me care.  How, HOW did they do it??  I don’t know, but until then, my DVD player will just have to take cold showers between episodes.

So what are your summer can’t miss shows?  Anything else I should add to my Netflix queue?  Just remember, to make me fall for it, it has to be “out there.” Maybe some kind of cooking show/horror movie mashup?  Heck, obviously I’m game for anything this summer!



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  1. Oooh – our whole family loves Deadliest Catch! Especially when Edgar eats raw fish parts ;P

    As for our summer must-sees, they’re usually summer series (Burn Notice, Eureka, Psych, etc). The only dvd series I am watching right now is Angel – finally.

  2. Mad Men, True Blood.

  3. Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica? We watch it on Netflix, and the final season comes out next Tuesday so we have been watching it non-stop for weeks… it is mind-blowing!

  4. FM – – oh that Edgar!! Would you believe me if I said I had never seen even one ep of Angel??? Is it worth a watch?

    Melissa – – Never seen a single ep of these either. Boy, I’m getting some ideas, now.

    Karen – – You are like the umpteenth person to swear by the new Battlestar series…it’s time to Netflix them, by golly!!!

  5. I don’t think Angel is nearly as good as Buffy. Season 1 was pretty good, but season 3 and 4 have been kind of blah. It is kinda fun to see some of the Firefly actors that periodically pop up, though 😉

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