Visual Learners and Beached Whales

I think I’ve blogged about the fact that H-T is a visual learner.  He is actually a visual AND kinesthetic learner, but I think the visual part may take precedence.

So I’m always looking for great learning tools for the visual learner, and I happened upon one this week that I wanted to share.  It’s called, and the idea behind it is collecting all the free educational videos for kids and teens online and lumping them into one searchable directory. 

Now tell me, is that a great idea or what??!!

They also want people to join so they can inform them of videos they may have missed.  So if you have a visual learner around your house, this is a website you definitely want to check out and possibly join yourself. 

In other news, I’m flying out this weekend to Florida for several days on a business trip. 

Yes, I AM going to Florida at the end of July, and no I’m NOT a glutton for punishment.  That is just when they needed me.  So, bring on the heat and humidity…I can take it!!  (maybe) 

Sun & Water 1 Hey, they do have beaches down there, and don’t think I won’t be trying to sneak onto one.  If you happen to live in the Sunshine State, and hear warnings of a beached Albino whale sighting, pay it no mind.  It’ll just be my not-yet-skinny VERY Anglo-Saxon self perched on a beach towel and hoping to blend into the background.

I’ll post some pics from the land of the sweltering sun if I get a chance!



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  1. What a great link! I’m excited to check it out. I think my darlings will benefit from it. If not them, for sure I will. I’m Ms. Visual all the way.

    Be safe on your trip. Florida sounds fun. I’m not sure Minnesota has hit summer yet….

  2. Yet again, you have come accross a website that I didn’t know existed, but now won’t be able to live without! Honestly, woman – how do you do it all?? There must not be a day that goes by that your children don’t take your hand lovingly in theirs and proclaim: “You are the most wonderful mother in all the land!” *snort*

    As far as your trip to Florida, remember this: if they have white sand beaches, you’ll blend right in ;D

  3. This website looks awesome! Luke will love it (and so will his visual-learning dad).

    Have a safe trip, looking forward to some pics – maybe I can have summer vicariously through you in Florida, because there ain’t much summer going on up here in Massachusetts!

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