Blogging is so Incestuous!

And yes, of course, I used that title to increase my blog traffic for today.  But I’m in Florida as this “goes to press” so just try to find me and make me change it. Ha!

Anyway… I’ve been discovering some great new blogs.  And I was so proud of myself.  Until, of course, I saw that most of you found them before I did. 

Haven’t you noticed that we homeschoolers – – especially us “out there” ones (hee) tend to run in the same circles?? 

I guess it is only natural that if we like each other’s blogs, then we have similar tastes, and so we are going to gravitate toward other likeminded blogs as well. 

But, just in CASE you’ve missed any of the following bloggers, I’m going to introduce you to them today, and then we can compare blogrolls and make sure no one has one-upped us or found some secret gem of a blog that they are keeping to themselves.  We wouldn’t do that to each other…now would we??

Meet Homeschool On The Edge of Nowhere.  Ruralmama was one of my students in a past session of the Blog Writing Course I teach, and she headed out of the gates with a BANG!  Although her made-from-scratch food habit has given me a severe guilt complex, I still stop by to see what is happening…on the edge of nowhere.

Introducing Wake Up. Start Learning.  Mama Tea, the Hubster, and her boys Iggy, and Ooky will draw you in to their natural unschooling lifestyle and have you begging to come visit. 

And I’d like you to meet Mental Multivitamin.  And I’m going to let her description suffice, just because I like it so much: “M-mv often includes "The recommended daily allowance" — descriptions, synopses, and /or quotes from books, films, and occasionally cds, software, and artwork that can have the same effect on gray matter as juicing can have on the rest of a getting-older-and-wiser body.”

So if you somehow got behind, and haven’t added these bloggy gems to your feed reader, then by golly that is your goal for the week!  Otherwise we can’t be incestuous anymore.  And…well…that’s just not any fun at all.509128581_e5e700a838_t

But you can’t add any more of your own until I get back.  Seriously.  I’ll be watching you… 


5 Responses

  1. Well, looky there are you, spreading the love around!

    I can attest to RuralMama’s fantastic made from scratch cooking – I’ve been honored to experience it live and in person!

    Must check out Mental Multivitamin…thanks for the homework!

    Hope Florida is treating you well!

  2. You are a goofball, unequivocally–which is why we love you so much. You just KNEW that incest thing was going to get some serious attention, didn’tcha?

    Ahh, if only Mama Tea lived closer–she’s one serious baker too. Some mean grape jelly that gal makes.

    Thanks for the honor sugah! Hope Florida is fantastico–it was in March!

    Gotta go check out MM now….

  3. I didn’t know about any of those blogs, so thank you VERY much.

  4. I actually haven’t read any of those blogs, so now I totally have more internet crack to fuel my addiction – THANKS!

    Florida huh? Hot there?

  5. Hey-

    I’m new to the whole blogging scene, but find myself already hopelessly addicted. Thanks for the new blogs! By the way, being the mom of 4 hyper-geeks, as well as the wife of a major uber-geek, I have really enjoyed checking out your site. Thanks for all of the info.

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