Anyone like miracles??

The first night of my trip to Florida, I was tucked into my king size bed, in the deepest of travel-ridden comas when I was awakened by my cell phone.  Once the consciousness began to return, I noticed it was 1:30 in the morning and that the origin of the call was listed as “HOME”. 

Well, I don’t know about you, but the first thought that pops into my head at a moment like that is: “It can’t possibly be good.”  So I gingerly reached for the device, while simultaneously clenching every muscle in my body in preparation for the impact.

Imagine my shock when the voice on the other end of the call is my husband’s insanely elated one.  “You are not going to BELIEVE it!  You just aren’t going to BELIEVE it!!!” 

Actually, at 1:30 in the morning, I will probably believe that aliens have landed and have taken over the Pentagon, but ok.  On with the story.

“She’s back!” my husband squeals into the phone.

“What?”  I reply, praying to goodness he isn’t referring to Sarah Palin.

“Frisky!  She just showed up at the back gate!!” 

Frisky.  Our missing black lab.  Our precious doggie who had been missing for 23 straight days.  The one, who had run away in terror after the 4th of July fireworks, and I’m sad to say, we had finally given up hope of ever seeing again.  That crazy girl had reappeared into our lives again!!

She was 12 pounds lighter, and several ticks heavier, but she was Frisky.  And she had somehow survived her ordeal and found her way back home.  I can’t even possibly explain how incredible the excited squeals of my boys sounded in the background of that phone call. 

My only frustration was not being able to be there to greet her.  I told my husband to tell her I was still out looking for her. (Moms know how to add guilt at even the most inappropriate times).

So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  Or at least a Black Lab Claus.  At this point, I’m ready to believe in just about anything. 


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  1. Hip Hip HURRAY!!!

    23 days!!! I’d be in a padded room for sure if my doggy was missing for 23 days.

    I’m so glad she’s back. Now I bet you can’t wait to get home.

  2. OK, now you’ve got me all weepy. I’m so glad she’s back.

    • Mom1 – I know! I had basically gone through ALL the stages of grief… I really and truly never expected to see her again.

      ObiMom – Happy tears! Happy tears!

  3. AWWWWW!!!!!

    I am sooooo happy for you. There is nothing better than a lost animal returning home.

    That is absolutely awesome 🙂

  4. Hooray! I’m so happy for you! That’s amazing!


  6. Luv the pic…nice TAN!!!!

    • Holley – only YOU would notice that a few more of my freckles have finally connected! 😉

  7. OH, I know the feeling!!! We were away from home for THREE months and my cat escaped out the window. My housesitter (mom) found the screen pushed out and cat gone. From across the country there isn’t much you can do and we felt helpless. We did everything we could via internet to get her home. A poor cat, who had never been outside a day in her life. We cried and cried every day. Then a week later, mom walked out the door and there she was. Just sitting there. Waiting. No tales of woe. No tattered body or fur. Nothing. Just Kitty waiting. It was unbelievable. And man I want SO badly to know where and how she spent those seven days. She still won’t talk about even though I ask her nicely. The relief was huge, we love her.

  8. Read the title in my reader and knew it was about your dog! I’m so HAPPY for all of you!!!!!! 🙂

    • Melissa – – I know! I really wish she could write a blog about her adventures!

      Karen – – Isn’t it the best?! Thanks!

  9. That really is a miracle. I’m so glad your girl returned! She must have really missed you.

    • Michelle – I think so, because we were never sure she had ANY sense of direction till now!

  10. I know the feeling–and my dog has never been missing more than a few days. I’m so glad for you.

  11. Yay! Yay! Yay!
    When I was a kid, we used to have an awesome Samoyed with a penchant for digging out under our backyard fence and escaping. One time, he was away for many days and my family had almost given up. Then my mom noticed, in a picture in the paper of a new school being built a few miles away, our dog! She drove down to the school with some doggy biscuits, and as soon as he saw her, he came right up and hopped in the car, after which we had several more years of happiness with him. I loved that dog.
    I’ve been saving this story to tell you about when your dog came back – so glad that you’ve got her safe and sound again!

    • Thanks for the terrific story! Yes, you saved it for just the right time! 😀

  12. Doesn’t it make you wonder just what the heck she was doing, and where she was?

  13. What a great story. Glad she is back. Now that was worth being woken for, wasn’t it!

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