August Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

It’s August.

Not only does the calendar tell me so, but my “educationological” clock does too.

For the past nine years, August has basically been homeschool CURRICULUM month.  I’d pull out all the old stuff, and see what was still salvageable/saleable, and then pop into a couple local curriculum fairs – – just to check out the latest and greatest, and then spend the rest of the month blissfully planning and scheming and envisioning what terrific things we were going to learn in the coming school year.  I hate to teach, but I adore to plan!

Now, even the planning has been wrenched from my capable little mitts because this year we are experimenting with UNSCHOOLING. (Which I have to admit – – as a term – – I still really hate!)August

But if you are following your interests, there really is nothing to  plan.  No organizational software to punch figures into.  No crisp, colorful catalogs to thumb through.

Just learning.


There is SUCH a hole where my Daytimer used to be!

Anyone have some lessons that need planning??  Anyone??


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  1. Are you really? Bless you. I always wanted to, but my type-A-ness wouldn’t let me take the leap.

    I expect detailed blog posts documenting EVERYTHING. I’m natural-schooling (don’t you like that much better) vicariously through you. 😉

  2. Natural Schooling! I love it! TY!!

  3. You could still make a list of things to strew couldn’t you!!

    In the UK we call it Autonomous Education but the best term I have heard is Free Range Education.

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

  4. Free Range! I love it! I have free-range kids!

  5. You may not always be well-organized, but I suspect with inquisitive kids like yours you will never be bored!
    To get around the somewhat icky feeling of no-planning, I try to think of myself as a facilitator. It is my job to strew things around that then turn into something interesting or, if I hear discussion about a topic, I try to strew stuff about that topic. In this way, my 9- and 5-year-olds have learned about everything from weather barometers to fractions, and I get to feel like I’ve ‘taught’ something, too.
    Good luck, and enjoy the interest-led learning (my favorite term for unschooling)!

  6. I am SO CURIOUS to see how this goes. It’s a wonderful concept.

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