I’m Not Talking To Myself…I’m Having A Parent/Teacher Conference!

Having been a homeschooling family for pretty much all of my sons’ educational careers has left me with a few nagging questions.

There are certain “quirks” my kids have that I never know whether to chalk up to their individual personalities or to the fact that they haven’t had the opportunity to have those idiosyncrasies teased, mocked, or beat out of them on a daily basis.

One in particular that is starting to cause me some consternation is H-T’s constant need to talk to himself.  He started this trend as a toddler.  He would repeat any and all dialogue from whatever TV show or cartoon he was watching.  H-T was late to talk, and required no small amount of speech therapy in his early years, so I actually thought his little habit was not only cute, but productive, as well.

The “little habit”, however, stretched out into most every moment of every day – – playtime with his imaginary friends, bath time with his floating tub-buddies, deep discussions at bedtime with whatever companions were busy helping him keep the monsters under his bed at bay.  Still, I knew he would grow out of it, and simply smiled at his vivid imagination.

But…fast forward to the present time, where a very-tall-for-his-age 13 year old is having full-blown conversations with the computer in his room and I begin to wonder – – just possibly – – if we might have a problem, Houston.

So to make myself feel better (and less guilty for aiding and abetting a serious personality disorder), I’ve begun making lists of jobs where talking to oneself might actually be a plus.

  • Truck Driver – staves off loneliness AND keeps one awake during long shifts
  • Telemarketer – even when you aren’t selling every appliance warranty in your catalog, your boss at least thinks you are
  • Businessman – I know that’s a pretty vague job description, but  one thing I’m certain of is that you are required to wear one of those Bluetooth thingies on your ear and are always talking to someone invisible anyway
  • Psychiatrist – So I’m not saying that I have any personal experience with this, but when psychiatrists talk all day long into those personal voice recorders, they definitely seem professional
  • Coach of a Professional Sports Team – Have you ever noticed that coaches ALL talk to themselves?  Yeah, I know that supposedly they are talking to the refs (who are across the field) or the players (who can’t possibly hear them over the cheerleaders), but they are actually just talking to themselves, aren’t they? 

So there is hope for H-T, right?  The fact that I have basically let him become his own radio DJ hasn’t turned him a into a total freakcase, has it? 

You WOULD tell me if it had, right?? 


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  1. Well, if there’s something wrong with your kid, then there’s something wrong with mine. Baby Boy talks to himself all the live long day. Lately I’ve just asked him to keep it down as I can sometimes hear him over my television all the way down the hall . . . I just chalk it up to him being an only child. He’s too cool to talk to me . . . so who else is he supposed to talk to? Himself, of course, LOL.

  2. Ok…feeling better already. I think they need to exchange phone numbers or IM’s though, so they can say whatever the heck they are saying to someone in particular!

  3. Sounds very familiar…my very-tall, almost-13yo son talks to himself, and his siblings and I nearly non-stop. He got that from his dad. It’s like a wall of sound.

  4. Very funny post 🙂 Love the title.

    If there is something wrong with those kids, then there is ALSO something wrong with mine.

    And me. I talk to myself constantly. So there you have it.

  5. Hey, I talk to myself… in Spanish. Helps with my conversational skills… only in the car though and other instances when I’m by myself.

    • Now that actually sounds like a smart idea! If my son were talking in a second language, I’d be all for it! 😉

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