The Hubster and I

Ever heard the story of the Amish farmer and the female airline pilot who fell in love?  No?  Well, the story of R-T and I wouldn’t be so very different, actually. 

If you’ve ever wanted the “behind the scenes” story on how a director of a homeless shelter and a tech-geek met and fell in love, the hubster has it reposted over on his blog today. 

You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  You’ll hug your loved ones. 

Ok, maybe not.  Maybe you’ll just be more confused than ever about what makes the Topsies tick. 

My little contribution for the day.


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  1. I hopped over to that lovely blog and enjoyed the post quite a lot. Aw, even a little teary eyed at the end. Because I totally get what you are saying 🙂 Your hubby and my hubby have a lot in common. Not necessarily specific life callings, but they both have wicked hours, are always on call, and deal with the harshness of the real world, and are trying desperately to help.

    And here you and I are, bloggin’ and homeschoolin’.

    I like you EVEN better now!

  2. I have goosebumps! Beautiful story.

  3. So sweet. I love all the points at the end.

  4. I needed that Kerry, I really did.

    Thanks, Chica!

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