The Not-So-Great Outdoors

I’ve blogged many times that the Topsies offset their techie obsessions by heading off into nature on the weekends in search of the road less travelled.  Our adventures usually take us to a secluded waterfall or a hidden swimming hole.

We were pretty sure we hit pay-dirt a couple weekends ago when we headed to a completely isolated spot deep in the woods with a beautiful natural rock water-slide that ended in a chest-deep pool of frigid mountain refreshment.

It was the perfect destination on a 90+ degree afternoon, and H-T and I couldn’t wait to take our newfound amusement for a trial run! We trod over the rocks and sand, up the edge of the rock face, to where the water made its steepest decline – – and down we slid, caring not for the rock burns on our hind quarters as we glided down and landed in the cold bottom waters with squeals of delight.

Of course, once is never enough, so H-T and I made trek after trek up and down the watery amusement ride.  After several trips, though, I felt nature calling, and I headed off into the denser part of the undergrowth to where I could modestly take care of business. 

When I pulled down my swimsuit, however, I quickly realized that our family wasn’t the only one who found this abandoned watering hole to be perfectly lovely on a summer day.

Attached to my swimsuit, my legs, and my nether regions were a very ample supply of small, black leeches.

Now, I have to tell you right out that I am still in shock from how well I handled this discovery.  I calmly plucked the little “suckers” from their vacations spots, and started immediately thinking about the future. Like, how I was going to break it to my completely bug-a-phobic 13 year old, that he was likely to have some stow-aways himself.

There didn’t seem to be any easy way to share this news, so I just did it.  And we had the quickest transition from wooded swimming hole to nude beach you can ever imagine!  H-T had his shorts off in 1.5 seconds and was shouting “get them off! get them off!”  so loudly that some of the creatures probably detached and jumped back in the water themselves just from the pure fright of it all! 

I spent the next twenty minutes de-leeching H-T and his clothes and trying everything in my power to convince him that no, he could not hike back to the truck naked, even though his shorts had recently been home to unwanted guests. 

Two weeks later, we can now laugh about this experience – – a little bit.  But we have learned a very valuable life lesson in the process.

Sometimes being a family of computer geeks is a perfectly respectable aspiration in and of itself.


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  1. Leeches paralyze my brain, so I could never tell you about them. So sorry! Mom

  2. OMG! Do leeches live in CA? I was planning a hike to a waterfall, like in the spring, when there might actually be water. But, we can stick to pools, pools with waterfalls, that’s it.

    • Holly – – you might want to check with Firefly Mom at Pack of Hungry Snails. I guarantee she can tell you with certainty whether or not CA hosts any leech families! As for me, I like the pools with waterfalls idea a LOT!

  3. I laughed out loud when I read this post!! I’m sorry that it happened, but goodness, that was funny. Hmmm… I wonder how my boys would react?

  4. PL and I would have made it out completely insane. I’m so, so glad we haven’t had such trauma. I’m queasy just thinking about it!

  5. OMG, Girl, I would have had to be committed to a mental institution. Permanently. But luckily this happened to you, so I I laughed my butt off. I can’t believe you lived through this. Oh, Lord, I don’t even know what else to say . . . I never thought I’d see the word “nether regions” in print and it would make me laugh instead of cringe. 😉

    • Obi-Mom – Never underestimate the power of ALREADY being insane when you go into one of these situations. Makes life a whole lot easier! 😉

      Mom1 – Well, at least our “adventure” brought some happiness to SOMEONE! 😉

  6. Man. I…just…can’t…quit…laughing…..snork, snork, snork.

  7. Oh, wow, that STINKS!
    My mom had that same experience when she was a kid… she could laugh about it years later – a little bit 🙂
    Oh wow, oh wow!

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