They Like Me…They Really Like Me

Have I ever bemoaned the fact that I don’t have a good local homeschool support group here on T-T?  I seriously can’t remember. 

Maybe if I haven’t it’s because I gave up years ago even hoping for one.  I live in the Bible Belt.  Which means that most of the homeschooling support groups around here have been created by and for folks who are homeschooling for religious reasons.  Now, don’t get me wrong,  I haven’t got a single problem with people homeschooling for religious reasons.

I’m simply just not one of them.

I homeschool because it happens to be the best thing for my two children.  My faith doesn’t play into the homeschooling equation at all.  Well, o.k., I guess my faith makes me somewhat of who I AM as a mom and a person – – so maybe I could stretch it and say that it influences our homeschool – – but that would be about as far as I am willing to take it.

Most of the homeschooling groups around here take it much, much further.  Not a class, an activity, or a mom’s night out occurs without religion playing a HUGE part in it.  That would be all fine and well if everyone had exactly the same beliefs and exactly the same traditions – – but they don’t.  And that makes some of those homeschool gatherings completely awkward and uncomfortable.

So I quit trying to fit in to those groups years ago.  Figured I’d maverick my way through on my own – somehow.  But always still wishing there were someplace I fit in.  Someplace that accepted me the way I am.

Cut to – – THIS WEEK.

This week, I made a marvelous discovery.  A momentous discovery, in fact.

Right in my very own town is a fairly new homeschooling support group that calls itself “Inclusive.”  Isn’t that the most beautiful word you’ve ever heard in your life?? 

Inclusive means that they accept homeschoolers of every faith (or lack, thereof) – – every belief system – – every culture – – every color – – every difference.  Every EVERYTHING!!

So far, I’ve attended two events with this group and they have yet  to banish me because I don’t have the “secret decoder ring.”  They have a beautiful assortment of Christians, seekers, crunchy-wannabes, mainstreamers, and a mom or two who look like they could use a good vacation. (Well, ok, maybe that was just me catching my reflection in the car window)  And NONE of those people seemed to think I was the least bit out of place there. 

They smiled at me.  They talked to me.  They let me hang out with their kids.  I might even go so far as to say that some of them liked me.

Will wonders never cease??!!

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12 Responses

  1. I’m so with you on this and have had similar experiences with homeschooling in NC. While I am Christian, but of the liberal swath of Christianity, I homeschool my children for academic and lifestyle reasons. I often feel like a fish out of water at homeschool gatherings and usually opt to not say too much for fear of outing myself. Don’t even get me started on my opinion of most of the curriculum choices available at homeschool book fairs and stores. Best of luck! Hang in there!

    • Angela – I had a great time stopping by your blog! I added it immediately to my blogroll!

  2. Good for you. I was just bemoaning with a friend of mine that we don’t really fit in with the inclusive group either. But, that’s o.k., there’s a group of us that doesn’t fit in. We’re making an oddball group. We’ll all not fir in together :-).

  3. Oh how I wish for a group like THAT!

    congrats on finding one. 🙂

  4. I’m jealous. Very, very jealous.

    • Holly – You know you are special when you can’t even roll with the inclusive group, eh?? 😉

      Niqi – it took a long time, but I think I have found my “peeps”

      Lisa – Ever felt like moving to Western North Carolina?? 😉 It’s beautiful here!!

  5. I’m so happy for you! Your previous experiences with groups are pretty much the same as what I have had here. We also found a great group this year (who I think likes me!) and are looking forward to a lovely time with them. I hope you will continue to enjoy your new group as well – even if they don’t require a secret decoder ring. 🙂

  6. VERY well said! I’m such a combination of things ;)that I also have never felt like I fit in at some events. I prefer to be around a wide variety of people.

    Oh and I knew almost instantly that I would like you!

  7. Yes….’inclusive’ is a beautiful word, I agree! Here’s to a great year together! 🙂

  8. Yay! I am glad this is finally happening for you… I admire your chutzpah, going it alone for so long. We have an extremely diverse, supportive group close by, I could not imagine homeschooling without them.

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