I’m Ok, You’re Ok. Right?? Right????

I was sitting there, at the dentist office, waiting for Uber to get a cavity filled (his first cavity – – yikes!), and I realized I had already used my mini-container of hand sanitizer three times since we arrived.

Once – after using the pen that you sign in withgerms

Again – after sitting down and realizing I had been resting my hand and arm on the actual arm rest (gasp!)

And a third time – when I watched a toddler mouthing the cover of the air conditioner vent (just made me feel icky)

Weird thing is, I’m not usually the family germophobe.  I leave that to H-T, who single-handedly (actually double-handedly) keeps the Dial soap CEO in at least two different time-shares.

But me? Not usually my issue. 

So why the sudden skittishness?

I blame the media.  Not one broadcast news segment seems to be able to sign off without at least one story on the swine flu – – which HAD changed to h1n1 until the media-that-be realized that wasn’t nearly sensational sounding enough.

It’s the FLU, for crying out loud.   And feeling as I do about unnecessary vaccinations, I’m not even armoring up against it.

Yet, I don’t want to be sick.  Nobody likes to be sick. 

It’s like my emotional brain and my rational brain are battling it out over microbes.  And lately, the emotional brain seems to be winning out.

Next thing you know, I’ll be passing through CVS, and “just happen” to pick up one of those face mask thingies. 

Does anyone else feel that irresistible urge to go spray Lysol somewhere??

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10 Responses

  1. This is the exact reason I don’t watch the news!! The sensationalist crap is ridiculous. And the sad thing is, there are so many people out there who don’t think past anything that is mentioned on air. Not that we shouldn’t take care of ourselves…but if I hear one more person talk about how schools will probably end up closed in a couple weeks because everyone on the face of the earth with have swine flu…I’m gonna spit. And I’m not going to even clean it up. 😉

  2. i’m okay, you’re okay… so long as we’re both acting in our “adult state.” (see “i’m okay, you’re okay” for reference.)

    unfortunately, we have a fair share of grown-ups who do not act as adults, but would rather behave irresponsibly with spreading common viruses and bacteria.

    it’s a bummer they cannot pretend a superhero has vanquished all the swines and birds outta the evil flu-bugs before stirring up unfounded fear and panic.

  3. I’ll save you a little expense by sharing the news that the masks don’t help with not getting the flu. As those pesky flu germs are teeny tiny and the masks do not form a seal around your mouth and nose (and even if they did, your eyes would still be unprotected), they’ll really do nothing more than make you look like a Michael Jackson wannabe 😉 Wow – that probably didn’t make you feel any better, did it?? ;D

    OK, how about this: Remember SARS?? A few years ago the “experts” were predicting a worldwide SARS pandemic, with up to millions of people dying worldwide. And then…not so much. Still not working?? Fine, I’ll be sending you a case of hand sanitizer for Christmas.

  4. Wow! This could me! The same thoughts have been going through my head every evening I pick our daughters up from gymnastics practice. Talk about germ factories! You know they can’t possibly wipe down uneven bars every time hands touch them.

    We had our own scare last week. Our younger daughter came down with a 104 degree fever and a really bad headache (after gym practice of course!). I decided, though, to remain calm and treat this the same way I would have treated a fever in the past- lots of fluids, lots of rest and lots of love. Guess what! She survived! She did not have H1N1. The whole event was over in about 36 hours. I still feel the need to spray Lysol everywhere. Oh well, Some things may never change!

  5. I actually was not too concerned, until I started returning to the hs park world. It seems to be all the talk. So, shall I fall to the panic? Or remain oblivious? I haven’t decided yet.

  6. MamaTea – Totally agree with you. Totally not going to stand downwind from you. 😉

    Mister Dad – Adults acting irresponsibly?? Preposterous!!

    FM – If Michael had worn those back in the 80’s, can’t you just IMAGINE what our yearbook pics would look like??

    Ashley – 104 fever would have me shaking in my boots. So glad she is better now!

    Holly – I KNOW! The park days! Think I could convince the boys to wear gloves??? 😉

  7. PLEASE come over here and scare Baby Boy into keeping his grubby hands out of his mouth. NOTHING I can say seems to get the message accross. Meawhile, I’m washing my hands enough for both of us.

  8. And when you’re done with Baby Boy head up here to the Great Frozen Midwest and give Padawan Learner a good scare because he has ALWAYS got a hand somewhere on his face. It makes me want to duct tape his hands to his sides.

  9. Mom1 and ObiMom – I haven’t got a clue about teaching young’uns to have better germ prevention habits, but here is a clip you could threaten to show them if they don’t improve: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxBAvKYCUpU&feature=player_embedded

  10. It’s strange, I’ve noticed more people coughing. Am I just more aware, or is something going around??

    Of course the first thing that comes to mind is h1n1. I usually walk away from the offender if possible!

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