Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints – Healthy Living

fridays hardwired homeschool hints pic One of the subjects Uber is studying voraciously these days is healthy living.  You may remember how last Thanksgiving turned him into a vegetarian, cold-turkey.  (LOL – – I actually crack myself up sometimes!)  Well, apparently being an herbivore also makes you reevaluate all kinds of other areas of your life, too. Uber now takes morning jogs, lifts weights, and has cut way back on processed foods.

It’s enough to make a meat-eating, exercise-phobic, Twinkie-loving mom feel some serious guilt. So I’m hoping that this post will assuage it, so I don’t actually have to make any real changes to my lifestyle. 

Anyway, here are some terrific techie tools for learning about healthy living (in case your kids are weird like Uber and actually want to do something about it).

Learn To Be Healthy – Uber is working his way through the Teen section of this site.  It has an incredible selection of lessons, resources, and explorations for both kids and teens.

What kid doesn’t like Arthur?? This PBS favorite shares a whole unit of lessons on health education for kids at PBS Kids Arthur: Hooray for Health.

BAM! Body and Mind is a destination for 9 to 13 year olds designed to help them make the make healthy choices about things like food, physical activity, and peer pressure.

I love that there is a site specifically aimed at helping girls stay happy and healthy.  Check out

Get Body Smart is a site for more advanced students who want to delve a little deeper into anatomy and physiology.

Health isn’t all about the body.  The mind is equally important.  CopeCareDeal is a mental health site for teens.

Get Fit, Get Right includes documentary-style webisodes of real kids and teens and their struggles to live more healthy lifestyles.

Learning Games for Kids has a whole section of health-related games and activities.

Feeling healthier yet?  I know I am…I figure I burned just enough calories typing all that to earn myself a piece of pound cake!

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5 Responses

  1. thanks for the links. Any tips for actually doing phys ed, active stuff with your kids?

    • Oooh, that might give me an idea for another HHH post! We do a lot of hiking, walking (we live in the city, so that is a plus), tennis, and Wii-fit stuff. But there are some great books out there about integrating phys-ed into the homeschool. Check Amazon, and I’m pretty sure you will find something on the subject. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. That Learn to be Healthy looks like a great site, thanks. James is really into what food is healthy and why (and selectively reading labels – but it has 25% of the calcium I need – and 20 g of sugar).

  3. Ohhhhh . . . we’ll have to start this one next weekend. Mom #2 is tinkering around with a new “from scratch” cake recipe and I’ve been helping out by letting her know EXACTLY how delicious each version is.

    Never could resist cake. *SIGH* Maybe typing this comment has earned me another piece. Ya think?

  4. Thanks for the links!
    We’re usually health-conscious, but this weekend I discovered my new favorite cookbook, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and I can’t stop myself from making brioches and chocolate-ganache-filled pastries… I am searching for something special as we approach the holidays, and I think I have put on a few pounds during my search!

    When I am ready to start working them off again, I know which blog I’m going to come to for suggestions 🙂

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