It’s That Time Again!

Yep, I’m starting up another session of Blogging 101 at  This is always a fun undertaking – – I LOVE watching folks blossom into bloggers in just 8 short weeks! 

So if you have a friend, family member, (or even a high schooler!) who has been contemplating starting a blog, but needs that extra “push”, then push them on over to the website and make them sign up.

The latest course begins Monday, October 12, and it is a fun time.  The greatest part is that as soon as you create your blog, you have an instant audience – – your classmates – – who are there to give you feedback and encouragement as you begin the writing process.

So spread the word…blog it, Facebook it, Twitter it…whatever.  I know that the next big blogger is out there.  And dadgum it – – I want to be the one to find them!!

(Feel free to steal the graphic above!)

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