FreeForm Scholar

That’s the name Uber has given himself.  We came to the conclusion that we really dislike the term “unschooling”, and interest-led learning is kind of long and drawn out.  So Uber came up with “FreeForm Scholar,” which I personally adore.

The coolest part?  To commemorate, he has also begun a new blog by the same name where he will be relaying his freeform experiences with learning!!  You can check it out here. (And I’ve added it to my blogroll, as well.)  He has already added several posts, and he is going to be taking my Blogging 101 course as well, starting Monday!

I think it is beautiful that he isn’t afraid to call himself a “scholar.” 

One who learns.

Isn’t that awesome?  This is a kid, by the way, who is ALWAYS learning.  ALWAYS thinking.  ALWAYS processing. 

He is always teaching his mom a thing or two, as well.  So stop by his blog if you get a chance and encourage him onward and upward. 


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4 Responses

  1. I love it! His blog is great too. I am almost tempted to unschool when I read it.

  2. I love the free form scholar name. can we be the first “semi free form scholars.” because you know, there’s always a continuum.

  3. OH, I’m with Holly . . .semi-free-form. Because change is hard, LOL.

    Great name, and a great blog too. Y’all are two creative spirits.

  4. Kristen – He does have a way of making it sound pretty cool, doesn’t he??

    Holly – I give you first dibs.

    Mom1 – Uber will be thrilled to know he has some fans!

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