Field Trip Wars – – Round Four or Snake Handling & Square Dancing


Every area or region in the U.S.of A. probably has at least one hidden treasure – –

a spot that not everyone knows about, but that is overwhelming in its beauty or resources.

Our area is actually full of those kinds of places, and yesterday we got to spend the whole afternoon at one of them.  YMCA Camp Greenville is a privately-owned property on the border of North and South Carolina that opened in 1912 as a summer camp for boys. 

Its nearly 500 acres is situated in one of the most magnificent timber and mountainous regions of the Great Smokies.  Camp Greenville offers not only a full schedule of summer camps, but also year-round camps and activities such as retreats for women, family retreats, homeschool days, and retreats for families with children on the autism spectrum.

And then they have just started offering “Family Fun Days”, like yesterday, where they open up their facility and activities – – absolutely free – – for local families to come and experience.  Although we had often heard of and about Camp Greenville, our family was unprepared for just what a delightful place it really is. 

So yesterday, we tried to pack as much into four hours as possible, with a little zip-lining…

A little snake-handling

A little hiking and waterfalling (ok, a LOT of hiking and waterfalling)

A little square-dancing…(that’s Uber and I in the forefront)

A lot of catching our breath over the views from the Symmes Chapel(the place, by the way, where my parents got married, but I had never seen until yesterday…cool, huh?)


Yep.  I know.  We have it good.  Let’s see what Firefly Mom has up her sleeve this week…

(p.s…if you want to join in the Field Trip Wars, feel free to throw your hat in the ring at any time!!)


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  1. Hi, Nice photos of Camp Greenville! Check out the Pretty Place Chapel blog at

  2. Let’s see. This week I had . . . beach clean up (I scored two socks and 1 flip flop) and a community college football game. Somehow I got locked in a gated area and had to use a trash can to climb over a fence to return to my car. It only sounds like I’m 16. So, I’m just going to concede this round. Beautiful waterfalls vs. unknown person’s dirty socks. Zip line vs. using a trash can to escape spending the night locked in a randomly gated area. But when we switch from field trip wars to urban survival, I’m in your face.

  3. Gee, that looks like a great field trip! Hmm, I’m going to have to think about joining……what the heck do we HAVE up here?!?

  4. Great photos! The campers from Green River Preserve go up to Pretty Place to see the sunrise during a session. I’ll have to send you a photo one of the counselors took.

  5. Too cool! When is Camp Greenville’s next Family Fun Day?

  6. Holly – – Oh, this urbanite says…you are ON!!

    Sarah – – me thinks you’ll find something…

    Karen – – yes please!

    Angela – – in the Spring. They have a couple family camps though before then – – one at Thanksgiving and one at New Years

  7. Oh, how cool! I think I might just have to try ziplining as an adult – I got to do it as a teen, and nearly wet my pants with fear for the first 9 seconds, loved the tenth second – and then my ride was over 🙂

    I wonder, can I throw my hat into the F-T Wars ring virtually? My folks are going on an around the world trip, six months starting in January, and we’re planning a ‘Where in the World are Grandma and Grandpa’ segment for my blog. Among much else, they are going to spend five weeks in New Zealand, and they’ll get to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers in Xi’an, China… might make for some pretty good F-T War ammo, no?

  8. SAT – – Vicarious Field Tripping, eh?…hmm…I’ll have to check with FireflyMom and the bylaws to see if that is allowed.
    Well, looky there…Section 815A, part B, subsection 9.5 says, (and I quote) “In all various and sundry Field Trip skirmishes that take place in the virtual universe, any and all participants must either actively participate in said skirmish, or thereby appoint a proxy field trip participant who will participate in a legal and abiding manner and will agree to any and all rules of the skirmish.”

    In other words, hell if I know. So go for it!!! How exciting for them!!

  9. I say “Go for it!” as well!

    And as for you, Topsy, I’ll be dealing with you later… ;D

  10. After seeing your photos of PP, I realize why you turned out so beautifully! Mom

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