Some Weeks Are A Little More Topsy Than Techie

So I came home from that glorious Camp Greenville field trip on Sunday to a message in my inbox from one of the members at my website.  It seemed that while I was hiking and dosey-do’ing, a major tool of a person was busy hacking into the site. 

I didn’t want to believe it was true, but alas when I arrived at the homepage, I was greeted with an ominously evil looking “you’ve been hacked” screen instead of the screenshot that I’m so used to – – the one that has my blood sweat and tears all pixeled in the right places. 

Following that lovely revelation was the realization that even my admin page was out of access to me.  This asinine evil-doer really had my “balls in a vice”, as my hubby is wont to occasionally say.  Topsy-Techie was feeling a lot less techie, and a lot more topsy.  I had to call on my back-up crew…the REAL techies…who know what to do in these kinds of instances. 

It was degrading and demeaning on so many levels.  If you’ve been following T-T for long, you will know that there are few things I detest more than having to grovel at the feet of the Geek Squadhands in ears My idea of “technical support” is anyone who is willing to replenish my coffee cup, take over the cooking duties, and ignore my language while I am tackling a particularly snarly technical difficulty.

But I knew immediately that this particular snafu was way out of my league.  The stupid site had started hurling racial epithets and extremist Islamic propaganda by that time, so I knew it was time to call in the big guns. 

Anyway, as humbling as it is, I’d like to dedicate this post to M and I.  My two knights in shining pocket-protectors who not only knew just what to do, but how to handle an renegade would-be know-nothing know-it-all techie.  Thanks to them, is back in business and humming along like clockwork. 

Me?  Well, I’m still licking my wounds a bit.  All will be better soon, I’m sure.  Anyone have any easy technical glitch that they need advice on to help boost my morale???

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5 Responses

  1. Oh, I noticed you were down . . .but I had no idea you’d been HACKED. For shame. I’m glad you’re up and running again. Also . . . I have absolutely no techie advice for you. I like for my computer to turn on when I press the button. That’s about as technical as it gets for me. 😉

  2. I’m sorry this happened to you! It’s a bit like the time my youngest brother, the big-time techie in our family, got phished. Anyway, I am glad everything is okay again.

    As for glitches, if any come my way, you will be the first to know:-)

  3. I’m so sorry! I am so non-techie, I wouldn’t even know where to begin fixing something like that. Which is probably why I don’t have my own website ;D Glad the other Geeks got it fixed (but you’re still my favorite geek 🙂

  4. Bummer!

    I’ve been pretty absent online, so sadly I didn’t notice! 😦

    What virus protection do you like? I’ve got avast! because it got good scores on, while still being manageable for my sad connection to download. It seems to keep the crap out, but I’d like a techie opinion.

    Ooooh! I got a gooder (that’s Pickle’s favorite thing to say now) one for you–my laptop overheated! Is it my BIOS chip that’s making it now not boot? It gets power, but doesn’t even get to the BIOS screen and my BIL thought that meant the BIOS chip. He showed me where the chip is (yeah, yeah, I know, blew the warranty–but since it didn’t have one in the first place……) but I want your opinion–do I now have a 19″ paperweight? It’s an HP, if that helps…..

    Awaiting your answer with held breath………..

  5. Mom1 – We like for your computer to turn on also…how else would we keep up with all the goings on of Baby Boy???!!!

    SAT – Ha! Haven’t been phished yet!! (knock on my hard drive)

    FM – Awww…sending you geeky virtual ((((hugs))))

    Sarah – I’m an Avast girl too! I’ve never had any reason to doubt it, and I’ve been using it for three years now.
    Um…when it comes to chips, I’m know BBQ and sour cream. That’s about it. A hardware geek, I am not, I’m afraid! But, if only one overheating burned something out, then I’m thinking it would probably be a pretty easy fix.

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