Readin’, Writin’ and….Meditation??

As always, in a perfect ironic twist, I blog far less when I am teaching the Blog Writing Course.  Time is simply at a premium, I guess – – especially with 18 new bloggers to keep track of!

But the course is going well…even Uber is taking it this go-round! He is having SO much fun with this unschooling experiment.  In fact, I can’t believe the incentive he has taken toward his own education once I handed over the reigns.  I’ve been flabbergasted, to be

Currently, Uber is teaching himself lots of techie stuff (no surprise  there).  He is learning LINUX, networking and network administration, and database management.  Those, obviously, take up a lot of his time, but he is also making room for Ancient Greek History, blogging, healthy living and fitness, nature journaling, piano and Japanese.  He is also taking Geometry via, which he is really enjoying, btw, if you are ever looking for a cool high school level math curriculum!

H-T needs a slight bit more encouragement, but there is no lack of miracles for him either.  My son with dyslexia is reading like never before!  In fact, he isn’t waiting for the audio-books to arrive via the mail before starting in on new stuff.  Before, he would pick out his books from the library, or buy them, and then order the booksaccompanying audio-book from his Library of the Blind and Physically Handicapped membership.  This way, he had auditory support for following along with words and phrases that might be too difficult for him to tackle. 

No more.  His reading doesn’t wait for anything, these days.  He just grabs three or four books that pique his interest at the library, and next thing I know, he has worked through them.  It’s kind of freaking me out a bit, actually!

He still has his YouTube addiction, but he has been putting it toward worthy endeavors of late.  He has worked his way through an entire series on WWII, and is now studying the holocaust with equal interest.  His other current interests include drawing, meditation (he’s asked to turn his room into a zen room…if you have ideas or info on this, I’m all ears!), guitar, and American history.  And his biggest project of late was that he asked to be in charge of the Halloween decorating of the porch this year.  You can bet I’ll be posting pics of that when he is finished!  He’s still doing math via Time4Learning, as well.

Anyway, that’s my interest-led learning update for this week.  So far so good! 

Hopefully, I’ll find more time to update again in the very near future…


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  1. Sounds like everything is going great!

    A zen room hmm. We have a book on a zen garden but no thoughts on a room. When he wants to take over the outside, let me know ;-).

  2. Amazing!

    I can’t believe how self-motivated he is. Sounds like a Homeschooling Mom’s dream.

    I want to see photos of the Halloween decorations AND the Zen room. Oh, and I have no suggestions to assist in any way . . . but I still want to see it. 😉

  3. I was so wanting to take your blog writing course this time around, but computer issues and my own blonde brain got in the way. Hopefully next time!

    Hmm, a zen room. I’d check out Japanese decorating books from the library and have him look through them for ideas. I’m thinking bamboo, tatami mats, a small fountain… 😉

  4. Holly – H-T would take over EVERYWHERE if I would let him!

    Mom1 – It actually has been kind of dreamy…ahh…

    FM – Take it??! Why don’t you TEACH it for me next time??!! I’m going to take you up on your suggestion and get some Japanese decoration books today. Could be kind of fun, actually. I might want to switch rooms with him when we’re finished, though!!

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