Loose Ends and Giveaways

I think I need to start a whole weekly meme called “loose ends Tuesday”, because every Tuesday seems to be dedicated to just that, lately.  So here goes…

new logo If you haven’t entered the October giveaways at SecularHomeschool.com yet, be sure and stop by and enter before the end of the month.  I am giving away some premium accounts at Spelling City™ and some free preschool accounts at Time4Learning™.  You need to be a member of the site to enter.

My other random giveaway-related item is from Blog2Print.  I’m thinking about taking the plunge and putting this year’s blog posts into a keepsake book.  I mean, my blog posts are pseudo journal entries, of sorts, and our family has been through lots of different things this year that I wouldn’t mind having record of. 

blog2print With Blog2Print, you can take those posts and turn them into a beautiful book layout where you get to pick the cover (hardcover or softcover), the images, the order and number of posts included, and even which comments you want to add.  You can even get just a pdf of your book!

And Blog2Print was nice enough to share a discount code with me that is good through November 9, so if you think you would like to order yourself an early Christmas present, now’s the time.  The discount code is for 20% off your finished blog book.  Here is the code: fall4b2p

I hope you take advantage of some of these opportunities! Have a totally random Tuesday everyone…

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve been thinking about letting James do some blogging when we go to my sister’s and then making a book out of it. But, that will be too late for the code. Oh, well, I’ll bookmark it anyway.

  2. Randomly, I am wondering about the etymology of the word ‘meme’…

  3. Thanks for the Blog2Print link and coupon code. I had been wondering how to print my blog into a book. (I’m awful about scrapbooking and do a much better job of keeping up with the family activities by blogging.) Have you seen any of Blog2print’s finished products? What is the quality like?

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