Halloween was like…a Scream, man…

In typical Uber and H-T fashion, Halloween was yet another demonstration of the polar opposites that are my children.  Born only 22 months apart, these two young men might as well have been born 30 light years and 747 planets apart.

Here is the pictorial evidence of the differences in their personalities.  H-T, of course, is my rifle-bearing, horror-flick aficionado, and nothing would do him but to pay top-dollar for the official “Scream” movie bad-guy costume.

My vegetarian, pacifist, minimalist kiddo, on the other hand, has never been big on dressing up.  But knowing that his youth group was expecting him to take part of the Halloween festivities, Uber found something he could live with.  Everyone said they had never seen a costume that fit a person’s personality so well!

We had a ball going trick-or-treating with our youth group to a local senior center, taking a quick stop at a free local haunted house, then back to the church for a terrific supper prepared by a gracious mom and dad, then finally finishing off the night in the youth room with the “Sixth Sense”, which none of them had ever seen before, so it was like sitting there with this Cheshire Cat grin on my face the whole last half of the movie waiting for them to gasp at the “big twist.”  And boy did they ever!

It was one of the most fun Halloween nights I can remember in a while, and I’m already looking forward to a repeat next year! 

Hope your All Hallow’s Eve was great too!!  Look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and hearing about their frightfully fun night!!


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  1. Glad it was so much fun – ours was too (although on a somewhat less grand scale). LOVE the costumes!
    Halloween was always a favorite of mine as a kid, and now I find that I love it as a grown-up too, because I see my experiences reflected in the kids’ faces.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Looks like tons of fun. James is already planning his costume for next year.

  3. Great costumes!

  4. These costumes were entirely too easy this year…I barely had to break a sweat! But so fun to see them enjoying themselves again this year after a couple of years of awkwardly “outgrowing” the holiday!

  5. I love the costumes! They were great!

  6. the picture of The Scream holding the little miss C was a HOOT….yet a little scarey. 😉

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