So… It Looks Like I Owe Someone Some Money Now

That’s right.  Someone has actually nominated Topsy-Techie in this year’s Homeschool Blog Awards for the category of “Best Unschooling Blog”.  I even get a button!!


Of course I never know about these things until its almost too late, but thanks to one of my gal-pals who IM’d me tonight, I found out in time to be able to grovel and beg and humiliate myself enough to actually ask you to vote for me

That’s right…a contest I didn’t even know I was in until 15 minutes ago, now has my competitive “ire” up.  I blame it on Firefly Mom.  She created this monster by taunting me with her fieldtrip bragging.  Now I’m like a bull who has seen the red cape.  I’m out for blood, baby.

So I’m not sure who to thank for this lovely honor, but I figure I owe you big time.  So whatever the prize is for winning this thing…if I get it, you’re entitled to half.

What’s that you say?  There is no prize??

Oh, in that case, you can have the whole thing.


6 Responses

  1. Oh, hooray, hooray!
    I am going to vote for you right now.
    Congratulations – you deserve this!

  2. Oh goody for you. I’m voting for you!

  3. It’s amazing how quickly our competitiveness kicks in. I confess that I did nominate you, BUT it takes 3 nominations to get on the ballot. Soooo, you’ve got 2 more people to share the prize with if you win. LOL

    If you’ll vote for The Curriculum Choice for Best Group Blog, we can call it even 🙂

  4. SAT – – Thanks, Karen! This is an unexpected turn of events, for sure!!

    Mom1 – – Thanks to you too!

    Kristen – – You sneaky, sneaky girl. Done and Done. Even? Not hardly! Thanks… 😉

  5. Congrats! Over to vote now :-).

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