I’m So Excited…And I Just Can’t Hide It…No, No, No No!

You’ve heard, haven’t you??  The great news??  The news to beat all news??


Kindle for the PC is here!!!

Kindle for PC

Ok, perhaps that is CRAPPY news to those of you who shelled out 300 or so smackeroos for the little handheld doodad.  But for the rest of us who either were too skint to splurge, or just knew that if we waited long enough it would come, we are PSYCHED today!!

Today, we feel justified in our reverse snobbery, and are not one bit sorry for rubbing it in the faces of those elite Kindle owners. Nope. Not one bit.

So now that it is here, I find myself just a bit overwhelmed.  I mean there are THOUSANDS of books to choose from.  What do I pick first??  I could really use some input, folks.  What have you read lately that knocked your socks off? 

And please hurry.  My "Click here to Purchase” finger is twitching like crazy!!!


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  1. Really? Oh, my! I MUST go check this out.

  2. Definitely going to check it out. In general, I prefer the old fashioned method of holding a book in my hands, but you never know . . . could be good for travel and some other situations?

  3. We were actually just talking about this, because, well, we’re only a 2 kindle family and I was worried about having to share with James when we went on vacation.

    Ducking the tomatoes . . . now.

  4. Holly – – I really hope some of them got you…especially the rotten ones!!! 😉

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading Kindle books on my iPod Touch. Only complaint is that you can’t dim the screen like you can in Stanza. I’ve only bought one book though – Pillars of the Earth. It’s nice to know wherever I go, I have a book I can read. 🙂 (The others are freebies and classics.)

  6. Thanks for sharing this, I never would have known.

  7. I have not heard of a computer thingy 😉 like that! I love being on the computer but I am techno challenged.

    The latest book I have read is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It was a bit disturbing but still a pretty good book. One of my favorite books this year was The Shack by William P Young.

    Good to see you all today. Your boys are so sweet! 🙂

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