Topsy-Techie’s Birthday Giveaway!

Ok, normally I let my birthdays slide by like sands in the hourglass, but this coming Friday happens to be a celebration of my very last year in my 30’s, so I’m puttin’ on the ritz.

R-T is taking yours truly for a night of fondue fun at the Melting Pot, AND, of course, I already was the recipient of a kick-ass Blu-Ray player, so I’m feeling pretty doggone generous this week.

Therefore, I’m sponsoring a giveaway at Topsy-Techie to honor the occasion. I thought it would be a hoot – – me being the absolute antithesis of Martha Stewart and all – – to give homage to my lack of domestic skills by RE-GIFTING this beautiful Martha Stewart cake decorating kit that I received and will NEVER, EVER use.  (Don’t worry, the giver doesn’t read my blog and will never know!)

The kit has never been used (duh – – this is me we’re talking about!), boasts 52 pieces, and retails for 80 bucks at  (Ok, now I’m having mixed feelings. I mean I feel a little guilty re-gifting something someone was willing to shell out 80 smackeroos for. BUT they obviously don’t know me at ALL if they think I would ever take time away from my computer long enough to actually decorate a cake!!!!)

cake decorating kit

Anyway, all you have to do to get a chance to win this beautiful cake decorating kit, is comment on this post about what you would put on a cake that you were decorating for my birthday.  Now, maybe that makes this an unfair challenge for those of you who don’t know me as well, or haven’t been around Topsy-Techieland for long, so YES, I will choose a random winner…but you still have to try to be creative because it’s my birthday and I SAY SO!! 😉

So pull out all the private jokes on me you want this week.  I’ll pull on my thickest skin – – just for the occasion.  I can take whatever you can dish out. 

What would you put on my cake, dear readers/friends/family???

May the best cake decorator win!!!!!!

(Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on my birthday, this Friday, November 20th!)


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  1. Ooh, I would love to own a Martha Stewart cake decorating kit! I could use it to decorate my own birthday cake, which as you know is today!

    What would I write on your cake? I could do a futuristic laser gun drawing, or perhaps a whale. Maybe just Happy Birthday Topsy! (though I’d probably put your real name.)

  2. Hmm, what would I put on your cake? Would I win if I said an iPhone? A real one of course. You can’t hold people to comments made on blogs, right? It’s not like a contract or anything? Maybe I should check your comment policy before submitting.

    I will refer you to the posts in my blog where I made a truly exploding volcano cake (and was insulted because it didn’t look like the picture), a castle cake, and a pirate’s treasure box cake. Imagine the spectacles I could make with a Martha Stewart cake decorating set. Perhaps my family would stop insulting my efforts.

  3. OH, what a cool giveaway!

    Now, to enter, should I go mushy and suggest a family portrait in lovely sepia-toned frosting, or maybe a frosting-sculpted silhouette of your first pair of baby shoes?

    Or, if we were being funny, perhaps an icing version of your first computer, which I’m just betting was a Commodore 64?

    Nope, nope, I’ve got it – Chippendales guys done in rolled fondant, to really emphasize the good parts!

    Happy, happy birthday, I hope it is your best year yet .

  4. Oh, happy birthday! And if I was decorating your cake, for sure I’d put a Kindle on it and also lots of trees and grass because for a total techie, you sure like your nature too, LOL.

    I hope I win, but if not . . . still have a great birthday!

  5. I would like to win the Martha Stewart cake decorating set. Me and my daughter are actually taking a cake decorating class right now and it would come in oh so handy. I would guess since you are a blogger the cake should be in the shape of a computer with the screen showing your blog.

  6. I would make a beautiful waterfall on YOUR cake! hmmm…reading Karens post…maybe with chippendales beside it???

  7. Oh wow I would love this kit!

    I’d ice it with geeky logos, like the linux penguin, and the thinkgeek monkey, and a few apples and whatever else I could think of!

  8. Kristen – – you win for “oldest in-joke reference”…a whale…hah!!!

    Holly – – cheaters never prosper…but they DO make the best friends!! hee.

    SAT – – um, now I’m really hoping you win, just so I can force you to actually do the Chippendales thing and post it on your blog!

    mom1 – a Kindle on a picnic? Now that’s an image I can relate to!!!

    Diane – – whoa…you win for “most needy cake decorator” for sure!

    Joy – – not sure I want my Chippendales next to a waterfall…it gets kind of “chilly” near all that spray… 😉

    Abba – I think my son wants you to win now…the linux penguin is “his symbol”

    • Topsy – if I win, I will TOTALLY do that! And, I might even put them near a waterfall – rolled fondant is very ‘chill’ resistant…

  9. You have lots of good funny replies – I was thinking of a nature hiking scene, but have not quick quips for it! Glad you have spunky readers! I would in actuality decorate it with rhododendron blossoms and roses. 🙂 Birthdays should be beautiful and fun – and a day for it to be all about you. Of course my gift would be a new camera of your choice to photograph the beauty! I need a kit to make beautiful designs when the flowers arn’t a bloomin’. Hubby’s birthday is today! He gets Strawberry Pie. 🙂

  10. I’d put a picture of you, doing a one-handed headstand, typing on a computer with the other hand. Get it? Topsy-Techie? Bwah ha ha ha.

  11. I make cakes for my kids and their friends. For you, I’d probably pull out my old pan that’s the shape of a number 1–because you are 1 day older than me! :o) Happy Birthday to both of us this weekend!

  12. Am I too late?? If not, great! If I am, I guess it means I wasn’t meant to be the next Martha Stewart ;D

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