Topsy-Techie Birthday Giveaway Winner


In a cool turn of events, and according to, the winner of the Topsy-Techie Birthday Giveaway is…Cake 39

Rational Jenn, the other birthday girl this week! 

Unfortunately, Jenn won’t receive her prize in time for her own birthday, but she says she might do something jazzy for Thanksgiving or Christmas with her new set of tools!!

As for me, I’ve already had a lovely day – – including gravy biscuits in bed, thanks to my incredible hubby – – AND I’ve got a lovely night ahead of me.  R-T is taking me out to the Melting Pot for a night of fondue fun. 

(Yes, for me, birthdays are now all about the calories)

So a BIG thanks to everyone who entered, and for the creative birthday cake ideas.  I enjoyed every single one of them!!  Thanks so much for sharing my birthday fun this week, everyone!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! A friend of mine took me to the melting pot last year for my birthday. Yum. Have fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I am so glad that you are my bloggy friend 🙂

    The Melting Pot sounds intriguing, I have only ever had fondue at home (and, once a long time ago, in France). I think if I had a fondue restaurant nearby I would need new pants!

    Hope you are enjoying every minute!!!

  3. Fondue. Yummy! I’m glad you’re having a great day. Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, you gals!!!

  5. I love to go to the Melting Pot so much! It is one of my favorite places! Be sure to get a booth with a curtain! That’s what we always do! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m back from my birthday weekend celebration and just wanted to say thanks again! I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, too! :o)

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