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So from time to time, I look back at my bloggy beginnings, and I’m a bit in awe of the way things have taken shape over the last couple of years.  I wish I had a saved screenshot of Topsy-Techie in it’s humble first months…it would be a hoot to do a before & after shot here!

But I also occasionally look back to my goals for what I wanted to accomplish with my blog.  I happened to think a wanna-be techie mom, raising two geeklings – – one a techie-genius and the other a techie-addict – – was somewhat hilarious, and I hoped other people might find it to be so as well.  And then, of course, I wanted to share all the fun ways I had found to integrate technology into our day-to-day homeschool lives.

In some ways, I’ve really stuck to those original ideals.  My Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints series, for instance, has been a way to share my favorite educational technology for homeschoolers on a weekly basis.  But in terms of other content, I’m usually all over the map.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing…it might possibly get REALLY boring to regale you with the tales of Uber’s latest programming conquests.

But today, I’m heading back to my roots.  Gonna fill you in on a little of the true geekiness that’s been going on around here in T-T land.

  • Uber loves coffee.  He loves coffee shops even more.  Our town has its fair share of ones to choose from, and several are within walking distance of our house. So, Uber starts out many of his mornings by walking to a local coffee shop and chilling.  This morning when I asked him what he did while sipping his java, he matter-of-factly explained that he was working through some hexadecimal problems and figuring out how they could apply in real-life situations.  He then told me he had given the barista there his email in case she needed some tech support.  I didn’t bat an eye at any of this.
  • H-T loves video games.  You would think I mean that he loves to play them, but trust me – – that is a secondary interest.  His first love is watching videos ABOUT video games online.  Ratings, reviews, cut scenes, and sometimes people actually just acting out the game as the game characters.  Scary thing is, I’m pretty sure H-T would be making these videos himself if he weren’t so pre-occupied with watching them.  It’s the weirdest pastime I’ve ever heard of.  And he can spend HOURS at it. 

The thing about raising two geeky teens that I find the MOST hilarious, though, is listening to them call each other to their respective rooms:

Hey Uber!  Com’ere!  You’ve got to see this new video game trailer!!

Hey H-T!  Com’-ere!  You are going to FLIP when you see this new Linux interface!

I consider myself fairly technologically savvy, and I assure you that this is all greek geek to me.  But I adore it.  It is a unique and unusual way to live…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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  1. I think my oldest would fit right in at your house. He unfortunately doesn’t have someone to totally appreciate his techie geekness, like your boys do. I try, but he’s surpassed me in a lot of ways already.

    Hope you had a super Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the tip a while back on Time 4 Writing btw. I’m going to look into it. Also, I may have to pick your brain about teaching dyslexics. I’m beginning to think that might be what we’re dealing with in 7 year old son.

  2. I think H-T and Baby Boy would be great buds.

    We’ve had to invest in external memory due to him constantly downloading video about video games AND he uploads video of himself playing video games. I mean seriously. He actually has a tripod and digital camera and narrates himself beating various levels of whatever the heck games he plays . . . I’m so out of it, LOL.

    I just don’t know why anyone would want to watch someone else play a game that they already have. I guess you have to be a teen boy to understand. 😉 Definitely not a Mom, because I don’t get it.

    • Kristen – send him over…they can have a grand ole time together! And I’ll absolutely give you some of my “hard-earned” tips on teaching a kiddo with dyslexia!

      Mom1 – oh my goodness…I don’t think H-T has actually thought about putting himself on there playing the games. I have a feeling that is next, though!

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