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The movie A Christmas Story is a major part of our holiday traditions.  Ralphie, Flick, Schwartz, Farkus, and yes…even the Bumpuses’ dogs are more familiar to our boys than Dasher, Prancer, or Comet could ever hope to be.

We have watched the movie as we’ve decorated our tree every year since the boys were knee high to an elf.  (Ok, there was that one year when we had too much eggnog and decided that we’d give Polar Express a try instead, but we kindly refer to that as the “Christmas Debacle of 2005”)

Of course we know every line by heart now, and we use dialogue from the film in every possible holiday situation.  Every time a package arrives in December, we always shake and declare it to be “fru-gee-lay.”  We can’t even listen to Deck the Halls without chiming in with the correct pronunciation of the chorus: Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-rah.  And no dinner that includes mashed potatoes can be finished without someone doing the piggy noise.

It’s just OUR movie.  I can’t explain why.  We just GET IT.

So with our new Blu-Ray barely a month out of the box, we knew what our family Christmas present to each other was going to be.  The ULTIMATE COLLECTORS EDITION of…A Christmas Story!!  Not only did it include the beautiful, crystal clear Blu-Ray quality film, but an incredible bonus…


You have no idea how much fun it was to add “the soft glow of electric sex” to our beautiful tree this year!! 

I dare you to figure out a more fun way to celebrate the big day…in fact, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU…

(Note: If you have recently returned as a POW from Vietnam, then you have a valid excuse for not understanding anything about this post.  Otherwise, there is no credible reason I will accept for not having seen this movie multiple times.)


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  1. OMG those lights are HILARIOUS!!!!

    I have to admit I despise that movie, yuck yuck yuck.


    But it’s Mom #2’s FAVORITE, maybe that’s why I love you so much, LOL.

    My favorite Christmas movie is A Diva’s Christmas Carol, with Vanessa Williams. It’s just so darn tacky, I LOVE it.

    Your tree is beautiful. I love trees with lots and lots of stuff on them. Stuff from all the years you’ve been together as a family. None of those stuffy designer themed trees for me, no way!

  2. Love the lights! A Christmas Story ties for first place favorite movie with Its A Wonderful Life. Glad you could add a little of that craziness to your tree this year 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Hey, I have those lights, LOL. I really wanted the full size lamp but not in the budget that year, or this one, or this one….. LOL

    • Mom1 – I’m SO disillusioned. You HATE “A Christmas Story”??? I didn’t even think that was possible!!!! ((sigh)) I guess I will just have to accept that we have our differences, eh? You like opera. I like “A Christmas Story.” Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. 😉

      Amy – I can NOT get my boys to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the world. Any ideas on how to fool them into thinking there are explosions at the end???

      Lisa – I know my hubby. He really WOULD put the lamp in the front window. No full-size lamp for us, I assure you!! 😉

  4. That is my favorite christmas movie – and James agrees with Mom #1 – he hates it. But I make him watch it anyway. That’s the glory of being the mom.

    I am so jealous!

  5. We totally LOVE A Christmas Story! It was the first non-animated show that my boys ever saw, and we watch it every year at least once and then quote whole scenes to each other at the dinner table (until poor hubby, raised Jewish, is on his knees begging us to stop that is 🙂

    I really, really want the soft glow of electric sex on my tree too this year – I am going to check out the lights right now.

    Ho, ho, ho!

  6. Karen – it was one of the first non-animated flicks our boys saw, as well. Hope you get hold of some of those lights!!!

  7. We have always loved that movie. We also use the fragilee line often too. The lamp lights are a hoot.

  8. We saw it for the second time (this season;) tonight. SOOO funny. The kids do not quiet “get” why mom and dad were in hysterics about it. I told Z that it was a movie that she would find funnier and funnier each year. 🙂

    I think the first time I remember seeing it was as a newlywed (early 90’s) at my MIL and step FIL’s house. Step FIL IS THE DAD on that movie!!!

  9. LOVE EVERYTHING about A Christmas Story. Our family has been watching it every year since it came out, too.

    In fact, my husband just quoted a line from the film this morning! We especially like the line about the major award being, “Frageeelay” (Fragile).

    It’s one of those, “howl with recognition” movies.

    So now I know I can quote lines to you and you’ll get it.

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