Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints – What about Writing?

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One of the things I see over and over in homeschool forums and in homeschool-related email groups is a fear of teaching writing.  I don’t know if it is because we didn’t feel like we got adequate writing instruction ourselves, or we just put so much emphasis on the importance of strong writing skills. 

Truth is, though, that those of us with a B.A. in Writing aren’t immune to this fear.  I find myself sort of hoping all that reading my kids do will simply “rub off” on them without me having to do much actual instruction in writing!  ;)  But I am also a realist. So I’ve been doing some research lately on some very cool online helps for teaching writing to your homeschoolers of all ages.

  • I think I’ve mentioned before the great online writing classes at Time4Writing.  Each of my boys is going to be taking another one of these next semester.  There are classes for every student level – – from elementary to high school and college prep!
  • For a quick writing refresher, there are some neat Writing Videos at neoK12.
  • GrammarGirl is a fun and easy way to get your teens excited about writing.  She has terrific podcasts, a Facebook fan page, and even some actual paperback books with a quirky, fun style.
  • There is no better way to get young kids excited about writing than by letting them create their own picture book.
  • If you have boys, like I do, then you know how powerful graphic novels can be on motivation to write.  Maybe you already have dozens and dozens of pages of cartoon-style writing sitting around on your coffee table.  If so, one online tool you might want to check out is  Lulu helps you self publish anything you want – – even graphic novels – – and turn it into a nice hardcover book, if you like.  (Talk about a great birthday idea!)
  • If your kids keep a journal, or you like the idea of having them journal as a daily writing assignment, you will appreciate the writing prompts at Writing Fix.
  • And some of my favorite all-time writing tools for students can be found at ReadWriteThink.  Take your time and check them all out.

I’m going to TRY to feel a little less daunted by homeschooling writing in the near future…how about you??


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  1. Tikatok ( is a great site as well for writing, where stories can be made into books and then ordered.

  2. Those are good links. I hate teaching writing, which is why Baby Boy is going to the cc in January. I’ve had to literally wash my hands of it.

  3. Thanks for the links I am always looking for fun ways to write with the kids.

    • Holly – Thanks for the addition! I’ll add it to the list before I archive.

      Mom 1 – Most homeschool moms do seem to hate writing instruction! Does the local CC have writing courses? I’m just curious because Uber will be at ours in the fall.

      Rana – thanks for the comment! Great to have you here!!

  4. Have you seen ? I’m not sure where i found it, but its in my home school bookmark pile. I keep considering using it with my 13 yo, but i’m trying to get some basic grammar and paragraph structure first . . . thinking he might be able to write about what he reads .. .but i’m starting to lose faith in that.

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